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New Years resolution · 5:33am December 9th

Its early but I decided to make a few new years resolutions and state whats going on. As of right now im still writing lol. But im also starting classes next year so Ill probably be posting kess then I normally do. But the fun train will keep rolling so yeah! Anyways for my goals next year I want to write at least 10 new stories. I know that I might write more but 2018 is going to be fun. I have so many ideas to write and im sure buisness school shouldnt be to bad. Anyways happy holidays and

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  • "Junior" Wonderbolts When a new trick goes awry, it's a dream come true for Rainbow Dash. Even if she doesn't even know it yet. by Shadowmane PX-41 29,958 words · 3,961 views · 162 likes · 22 dislikes
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can you write a foal fluffle puff story?

Thanks for reading! Leon comes up with some really fun ideas for his commissions. All I do is elaborate on them to make them as adorable as he wants with plenty of silliness.

You've done very well in your writing throughout this year. I get a bit giddy when I see new work from you along with your colleague, Zubrick. You two make a great team of cute story makers that always brighten my day.

There is no doubt you've improved over the past year. I'd say it is about a 100% improvement. You have a bright future as a writer. :)

thanks for the favorite!

Are you in any way related to Ice Star?

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