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"Welcome home, master, how may I serve you?"
-Maid Rarity

Have you ever wanted a group dedicated maids?

Well, this is that group (because apparently nobody else ever thought to do it before)where you can share stories and discussion your favorite pony maids both in the show, comics and in fanfiction.

Just please follow the rules.


  • -Don't post anything pornographic in the group. You will be banned.:ajbemused:
  • -If you have a story that isn't safe for work, then you MUST put it in the NSFW story folder (please keep NSFW stories in this folder and only this folder).
  • -Put your story in the appropriate folder.
  • -Story Updates are allowed in our forums, so long as the story pertains to maids. Please reuse your original thread when providing updates on your story. Only bump your story threads if it receives a significant update (like a new chapter).
  • -Feel free to post questions and ideas in regards to maids in the forums section. We will enjoy talking about them (just remember to keep it SFW). :scootangel:
  • -Be respectful of your fellow members.
  • -Have a good time.

With that out of the way, I hope you will all enjoy this group. :twilightsmile:

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