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Spike's Lightsabers · 8:00am September 10th

So, since everyone keeps asking about them as the links broke, here is a place I can find easily to re-post them (Although if anyone wants to point out exactly which chapter they're in in the first place, I'll update the links there too :)

Also, they're not the proper images as I lost the edits, but they are similar enough to get the idea :)

Spikes First Style of Saber

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How is the you doing lately?

Thank you! I always pictured them differently in my head, but now I know properly! Hope you have a wonderful day!


I've found the original picture here for his first two Lightsabers (one had a purple blade and Twilight's cutie mark engraved, one had a white blade and Rarity's)

His second ones I made myself and can't find, but they're very similar to this, but with the same colour and cutie marks on as his first ones

If you still have the picture of spikes lightsabers, I would love to see them. I recently found your story but the pictures are not working anymore in the authors notes at the end of the chapter

July 18 EDIT: just finished reading the story I must say it was a great read so far. I eagerly await the next chapter, but I still want to see the pics of spikes lightsabers!


I was actually doing alright, then family stuff interfered.

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