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The Legions Reborn and the Imperium Resurgent · 8:14am May 13th, 2020

So, now that Descent into Madness is finished and I've brought myself a bit of breathing room (Haven't forgotten about The Dragon and the Force, don't worry), I want to let people in on what I've been doing over the past few years.

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Ok. My first thought was that he was brought to that dimension as a baby in pony years

He starts off as his canon age in Season 3 (whatever that is XD)

Oh, okay. I was mostly just wondering about what Spike’s age was when he got teleported and the best way to find that out was to ask what point in the FIM timeline this takes place in.

Eh, kind of but not overly. The First few chapters take place before magical mystery cure while Twi is still a unicorn, everything else, you'd be better of reading through it to find out and avoid spoilers XD

Does this take place during the events of FIM(not including flashbacks to before the first episode)?

  • Viewing 257 - 261 of 261
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