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Spike's Lightsabers · 8:00am Sep 10th, 2017

So, since everyone keeps asking about them as the links broke, here is a place I can find easily to re-post them (Although if anyone wants to point out exactly which chapter they're in in the first place, I'll update the links there too :)

Also, they're not the proper images as I lost the edits, but they are similar enough to get the idea :)

Spikes First Style of Saber

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Hey, let me know if you got my PM from friday, if you please ^_-

THE WOLVES OF EQUESTRIA!!!! Why have I never heard of them? Their name is my name, their duty is my duty. I must find out moarrrrr.

How is the you doing lately?

Thank you! I always pictured them differently in my head, but now I know properly! Hope you have a wonderful day!


I've found the original picture here for his first two Lightsabers (one had a purple blade and Twilight's cutie mark engraved, one had a white blade and Rarity's)

His second ones I made myself and can't find, but they're very similar to this, but with the same colour and cutie marks on as his first ones

  • Viewing 245 - 249 of 249
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