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Took a rather long Hiatus from FimFiction writing, but I'm back now, hopefully a bit more reliability


The Legions Reborn and the Imperium Resurgent · 8:14am May 13th

So, now that Descent into Madness is finished and I've brought myself a bit of breathing room (Haven't forgotten about The Dragon and the Force, don't worry), I want to let people in on what I've been doing over the past few years.

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No worries, thanks for the invite :P

Won’t add any of my stories though. They’re mostly violent and/or sad affairs XD

Not sure who sees these anymore, forgotten a lot of how this website works, but regardless, Hello! I’m not dead!!!

So, I know I’ve been extremely quiet (read, not doing anything). Sorry about that. Partially this is due to a new job, but more than that, it’s due to working on an extremely large collaborative project set in the Warhammer 30,000 universe, known as the Legions Reborn.
(Shameless plug, I wrote the Star Guardians and Palatine Wings)
@TheLegionsReborn on Facebook

That said, I do feel incredibly guilty about both Dragon and the Force and the Descent into Madness. Therefore, I am saying now I will be starting writing on these two again! It may not be quick, and Descent is almost finished anyway, but I hope to be able to get back into things a bit once more.

Again, I am extremely sorry to have been quiet for so long. I hope some people are still interested enough to still read what I put out
(On the plus side, my writing abilities have improved XD)
- Fenrisianbrony

When's the next update on The Dragon and the Force? It's a wonderful and amazing story. I actually learned a lot from reading it of the old republic and the battles.

Your The Dragon and the Force story is awesome dude. Its a little intense, but its amazing. It would be cool to buy it in a published book form like Fimfiction does with the Fallout Equestria fics. Playing through Knights of the Old Republic has given me even more of an appreciation for it.

  • Viewing 248 - 252 of 252
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