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Writing Challenge if anyone is interested · 1:24pm Nov 27th, 2014

Hey guys. One of the groups that I'm an admin of (read as the only group) is running a writing contest. I thought I'd already plugged it on my profile ages ago, but clearly i was mistaken. Anyway, have a look at this:

Warrior’s Return Writing Challenge: Revolution

Write the beginning of a story where one pony (or other creatures from Equestria) is transported to a universe where there is either a revolution in progress, or the formation of one. The story doesn’t have to be finished in the time limit, but must have at least two decent length (2000 words or more) chapters up by the time the time limit expires.
Bonus points if the main character is one who we don’t have in the group yet, i.e. most background ponies, Rarity or Pinkie Pie etc.

Time limit:
Two months - January 10th


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I was actually doing alright, then family stuff interfered.

How are things?

It would get some things that you might left out from your previous story, like for example- Twilight's pain. But just my opinion tho.

I've currently got no plans for a sequel, but I may try and think of something to do, even if it's just a one shot with the ponies going to Metra Nui and meeting the guys from Mask of Light and the Turaga they knew and loved.

Just an idea though :P

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