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This is a group for stories that crossover with Bungie's Destiny

Wield the power of the Deep.

Bring Truth to the Queen of Lies.

Prepare for Lightfall.

Relize the Final Shape

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Is it possible to put my own story in this group?

Umm is there a part of the clan for xbox one if so please tell me thanks <3

Guess now you gotta update for shadowkeep?:twilightsmile:

Thank You for reminding me.

You gonna update the group for forsaken at all?

What's your destiny 2 tag?? I'll invite you to my clan:twilightsmile:

I am a year 1 veteran of Destiny who's clan has gone dark. Members have quit without explanation, and the leaders have not chatted/messaged me since mid-October. I now seek a new active clan that can benefit from my aid, and can provide me allies for raids and conversation.

Hi i have destiny 2 for xobox one and I am looking for a fire team for the Leviathan raid, minimum light level 270 if you are interested look for Admiral Nova1 at the tower at noon Saturday November 18 alternatively checkout my discord channel at to help scheduled the meeting, This raid requires you to have a headset with a working mic in order complete.

Anyone wanting to join a pony clan join MLP: FISM (friendship is space magic) for destiny 2 shenanigans :twilightsmile: (multiplatform) also add me on xbone GT: aMonkeyUpInHere

I am new, I would like to join the clan, I will have the game at december

Anyone wanna play on xbone? Send me message with gamer tag and we’ll play

Ghaul is a fierce foe. He is worthy only of an untimely demise. Do this emperor a kindness and end him, please.

Hi there, i am on xbox one if anyone wants to play with me :)


Five more days...

407167 He did, someone else claimed he was copying him

406970 I think the author took it down

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