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Gorgeous Freeman

"You just interrupted my breakfast steak. A crime you'll pay for with your lives!"


hm · 6:49pm May 9th, 2018

Should I start writing blogs? I think I should start writing blogs. sorta like shit-posting but with less memes and more my own thoughts

EDIT: nah probably just memes

EDIT2: nah probably wont at all, to lazy

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Most hilarious web series ever



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Not entirely sure what caught your fancy on my page, but I appreciate the follow. I don't get a whole lot of time to be online here because I am on the road 305 days or more a year, but thanks. Have a follow back just because I can do that.

Get followed bitch!

However, he isn't being helpful, you honestly can't expect writers to improve when he comments, I mean sure he's tuned it down since his last ban but the toxicity still lingers a little bit there.

Actually, i'm a bit of a fan of hamster, i know he's a dick and all but this site has gotten so stale and boring, it's nice to see some form of life breathed into this site

even if said life is a putrid mass of frothing foam-at-the-mouth rage

I always was a fan of schadenfreude

Oh my. I like it when you're forward. It gives me the vapors.

Well, at least you're not like hamster who just provides blunt opinions and no constructive criticism, I mean the guy has been temp banned three times alreaddy.

hey there, i hope you don't mind me being a bit forward but.

nice ass

Hey there, Gorgeous.

little bit of both with a sprinkle of procrastination

Wait, you seriously went through all 164 pages, 818 messages (more or less) of Hamster's profile? Either you've got way too much time on your hands, or you were extremely bored.

[self explanatory]



Thanks, but he's given me so much entertainment through his Freeman's Mind and Gaming Dungeon videos that he deserves it. Plus, I'm hoping he uses it to get a new apartment, now that his old room is so FILLED with mold.

You sir, are a good person

A few days ago, I donated 50 bucks to Ross Scott. The poor guy lives in squalor that he deserves every penny.

You're doing it 100% right and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Honesty is the best policy

I just wanted to say that I absolutely love how you name your folders.

Thanks for adding The Voice of Reason to your library! Hope that you take a look at some of my other work!

Hey, thanks for the follow and adding my story to your libraries! I'm glad to see you like it so much. Hope you enjoy the rest of the ride! :twilightsmile:
Praise on, Sunbro! \ [T]'/

That was one of the first stories I've ever read on this site, too. Sure brings back good memories :scootangel:

  • Viewing 129 - 148 of 148
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