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Gorgeous Freeman

This, right here, is why you should eat Wheaties in the morning. I guess anything would be better than the two shots of vodka I had.


Wait what. · 7:33pm Feb 25th, 2020

WHen the fuck did I get 82 followers?

How did this happen?

What now?

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What the fuck · 3:58am Jan 29th, 2020

Why are all of you following me all of the sudden?

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It can! Matter of fact the title of it used to be even longer until an update circumcised it

Wow, thanks for adding SMoTE to "one of those super good once in a lifetime stories that has to have a folder for itself because its just that damn awesome i cannot stress how fuckin". I did not know the character limit could go that high. I'm glad you really fuckin enjoyed it! :pinkiehappy:

I have to say, of all the funny bookshelves I've seen, "one of those super good once in a lifetime stories that has to have a folder for itself because its just that damn awesome i cannot stress how fuckin" is up there in terms of titles.

Thanks for the high praise!

Thank you so much for adding The New Guard to your garrison! May Jupiter watch over your steps, the sun of Celestia guide your path, and the moon of Luna comfort you in the darkest of nights. :eeyup:

Thank you for the follow

Thank you for having added Welcome Home Soldier to your favorites. I'm really grateful for that, hope you continue to enjoy it sugarcube. :ajsmug: :eeyup:

Hopefully he’s living somewhere mold-free now? I have a friend who knows from personal experience that that shit can fuck you up.

I’m truly non-sarcastically-or-ironically honored to be added to not one, but two such prestigious bookshelves. Thank you so much, Mr Freeman.

Thanks a lot for the follow!

Thanks for the crowbar follow! :yay:

Wow your getting off to this?

Thank you for adding my story to your, bit odd book shelf. If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask.

So nice to have you with us. Mr. Freeman. I will see you up ahead. In the mean time, this is where I get off.

What can i say, you make some super good once in a lifetime stories that are absolutely vital to the survival of the human race i cannot stress this enough don't leT ME DELETE THAT BOOKSHELF

Not entirely sure what caught your fancy on my page, but I appreciate the follow. I don't get a whole lot of time to be online here because I am on the road 305 days or more a year, but thanks. Have a follow back just because I can do that.

Get followed bitch!

However, he isn't being helpful, you honestly can't expect writers to improve when he comments, I mean sure he's tuned it down since his last ban but the toxicity still lingers a little bit there.

Actually, i'm a bit of a fan of hamster, i know he's a dick and all but this site has gotten so stale and boring, it's nice to see some form of life breathed into this site

even if said life is a putrid mass of frothing foam-at-the-mouth rage

I always was a fan of schadenfreude

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