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I'm not really a brony so to speak, but I wanted to write a story I had in my mind. That's all.


Kept you waiting, huh? · 6:53pm May 22nd, 2014

Wow. People are still favoriting this thing, eh?
I know I've been gone for, what, a year or so? But it's for good reason.

I've lost interest in My Little Pony right now and due to work in college needing done and so on, until further notice My Little Hedgehog and it's sequel are on INDEFINITE HIATUS.

I'm sorry that I've basically left you all with a half-finished, rushed mess of a story, but it was written a long time ago and I don't have the motivation or time to go on.

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Meh, better than mine. I left through the front door.
My guard was a moron.

574241 Through... the... window?

I'm not very imaginative

I see you are the 97th
Tell me, how did you escape the lab?

Your username is eerily similar to mine...

just thought I'd point that out. because reasons.:derpytongue2:

I'll get there. I had a crap ton of exams to do recently.

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