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Linkin Park's Songs Lyrics REMOVED?! · 8:00am Sep 14th, 2020

Due to the copyrighted lyrics, all of Linkin Park's Song Lyrics have been removed. But do not worry, I left the the title song for you to find and listen from either YouTube or MP3 to listen. But if you prefer full version - check out on either deviantart (Nigel5469) or fanfiction.net (Power Master). Sorry. Rules are rules as they say. Better follow it than getting into trouble.

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Okay, I was just wondering, because like I said in Friendship Destiny story, it would be interesting to see Dark Curse and one of the creators interact, and I believe that Dark Curse specifically created the Earth to keep Cybertron's ancient enemy in prison until he and the creators can kill him for the sake of the universe and Cybertron. I'm telling it to you like this in case you haven't seen Transformers 5 yet.


No.I'm not gonna do anything about them, but the characters will appear as cameo, minor or reference only. Bumblebee's Movie is different from the original and possible reboot as everyone have referred this lately.

By the way, are you planning to make adaptations that involve The Bumblebee movie, as well as Transformers 5: The Last Knight?

I was just thinking...

Maybe you could have the beginning of MLP: The Last Story just like the beginning of Gravity Falls: Weirdmaggedon Part 1!

Even so, this is just a suggestion. Thanks.

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