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Linkin Park's Songs Lyrics REMOVED?! · 8:00am Sep 14th, 2020

Due to the copyrighted lyrics, all of Linkin Park's Song Lyrics have been removed. But do not worry, I left the the title song for you to find and listen from either YouTube or MP3 to listen. But if you prefer full version - check out on either deviantart (Nigel5469) or fanfiction.net (Power Master). Sorry. Rules are rules as they say. Better follow it than getting into trouble.

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I'm not doing anything about it. However, I might have the idea of crossover with G5 since G4 is the history to the latter. It will be time-travel and also discover the foreshadow for Season 4 Finale.

What are your plans for that new movie?

Yeah. I just watched. It was different and unique with its own style, with the cameos of Mane Six (even though they're just historical figures in G5).

My Little Pony: A New Generation has come out today!

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