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Terrarequestria News and New Story · 4:02am Aug 11th, 2014

Hello, everyone. I have been racking my brain ever since that spainish chapter came out about what to do about the second chapter. Then I stopped playing terraria. I've gotten into Kerbal Space Program. I have no idea what to do. So, I'm sad to say that this story is officially dead. But, this gives me time to work on another story. Expect it within the month.

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1438488 Your welcome. It was a pretty good story.

Thanks for the fav on A Walk Down the Road

you were actually supposed to ask a moderator to move your story to meh
but what's done is done

I'm gonna make sure that NEVER happens.

Comment posted by Scornas deleted Jul 23rd, 2014

1281453 I know they exist. Twi and Rarity are gonna pass through a jungle biome on their way to the home, and Flutters and Dashie are gonna pass through a desert biome and a snow biome.:facehoof:

Comment posted by Scornas deleted Jul 23rd, 2014

1257444 Kay, thanks. Ill get to work on it tomorrow.
I'm writing this on my Wii U and i'm tired. So, good night!

The Floating Island sounds nice for the pegasi, obviously. I wouldn't mind seeing the unicorns in the Crimson. I'm sure at least one of them would know what to do. And the house for the earth pones, cause why not?

1257426 I need a bit of help deciding where the ponies will start out. Here are some choices:
The Crimson: The Crimson is a creepy biome that is themed to represent blood and gore.
A Floating Island: A floating island is an island that is on a cloud, floating. It has a yellow house, with a rope hanging down.
My House It's a 2 story building, with a nurse living on the top floor, and a Guide living on the bottom.
Random places, specific to their race.

I hope you can chose one.

Okay. Depending on what you need help with, I can probably do it.

1256421 OK, I need a bit of help for the story.

Didn't realize I had such good grammar. :twilightblush:

Okay. Send it to me when you're ready and I'll doll it up for you.

1255797 It's OK. You just need to fix Grammatical errors and words that I misspelled.

Don't know enough about Terraria. Sorry. :applecry:

1255773 You're welcome. Do you want to become an editor for my first story? It's about Ponies in Terraria.

Thank you very much for the fave. I hope to get the next part up soon.

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