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Terraria, the land of monsters, crafting, and surviving. Many have conquered Skeletron Prime while others were foolish enough to fall prey to the Dungeon Guardian. Some only have enough skill to kill the Wall of Flesh, while other have challenged the Guardian himself, and came out alive. You have survived for this long, but when will you meet your end? What about the ponies? How will they do in this trial? Read and find out.

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I just posted up my own mlp terraria crossover story here hope you guys like it but if not just put a dislike no hate comments

Hello everyone :pinkiehappy: It's good to see there's a Terraria community here on this website.

Why aren't there any fics about the evil biomes arriving in Equestria, corrupting the natural wildlife? THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT, STUPID SELF-INSERT HIE STORIES. Lol just kidding. Seriously though, it's kind of an overrated genre.

I got mine free 3 years ago near Halloween


368271 but hey
at least i got all of the weapons i wanted


368247 if you have reached the level of 'a no life' then you have succeeded in becoming a slave to video games! Welcome to the life of a shut-in!:twilightsmile:



considering i've been locked inside my room all this time playing this thing, I think I have reached the level of a 'no life'. I have also been picking on a lot of people to play with me, and failed :c

368200 NO!!!:flutterrage: terraria shall replace everything everyone does! It will only be enough when everybody is only playing terraria. Until then, PLAY! PLAY LIKE THE WORLD DEPENDS ON IT!!!!



i've had 175 hours since when I posted that comment

is that enough?

366181 no. You didn't play enough. After all, who needs a life?:pinkiehappy:


So with this summer sale I decided to buy Terraria
and holy shit were my $1.99 WORTH IT

And apparently I've played 47 hours of Terraria under a week

goddamn I need to get a life

For those of you who do not know the Terraria update has come out for xbox. :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Not_a_Brit deleted Jun 10th, 2014

Nice :P

Can't wait to throw my story in there when first chapter is done.:twilightsmile:

I've been rewriting it a lot. I keep liking other more logical ideas for what I'm doing than previous ones and I'm running in circles. Although I think I'm going to hit the final rewrite soon and it'll be perfect :D

And Terraria fics MUST be perfect. :rainbowdetermined2:


Done, I could see how Terraria could be a part of Equestria.

This group should have a "Terraria is Equestria" folder...I'm writing one of those.

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