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I love Sweetie's mansion fanfiction pony game makers please work on this i need to see a game after the fic it would be so awsome!!!


Are you expecting a very long post? · 8:17am Oct 4th, 2013

Well, not this time!

Just here to say, I just got to playing Terraria on its newest update!

How is this relevant?

1. Crossovers can happen.

2. I find Terraria to be a very cool game! It does not really have a story, but it has more of one than Minecraft to be honest and that has been done before.

3. This.

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if you want to read a apple bloom werewolf story, you could read mine.

it's called Apple Bloom's Change.

let me know what you think of it.

ah, jammit

1775867 Coincidentally I already had a spaghetti, I appreciate the thought though,

I've got some pepperoni to get rid of though >_>

do you want a spaghetti?

Thank you very much for the watch :pinkiehappy:

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