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Constantly on a mission to improve and hone my writing skills. It is not an easy path, but giving up is not an option. Feel free to lend me a hand when my writing seems subpar.

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Sad to see that this author and all but one of his stories are gone

974148 do u haz interwebz now?

968161 As long as you won't go outright stupidly rude to me, I won't lash back on you. :P

As for the story, it'll have to wait. I haven't updated it in a while because my internet decided to spill the coffee 5 days ago and showed no signs of comming back. It's still dead, I'm using my phone's internet, which is slow and unstable. Not only the internet has stopped working, but school starts at February 3rd, so I won't have much time to write with all this school stress.

967099 Apart from the makers of the two other KSP-MLP stories I linked on my story? I got no clue. Trust me, I'd like to figure out other stories as well.

sorry 4 being a little harsh 3 comments ago.
P.S. dont leave it at a cliffhanger, its so hared to sleep after one, when there is nothing after it.

Hey, know about any other ksp mlp writers?

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