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In the end, adulthood isn’t a single decision you make, but a long series of decisions you make every day for the rest of your life. And the best reason to grow up isn’t because it is expected or required, but because it means moving forwards.

- Laura Hudson, 2010

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  • pony.exe David Carrian finds a virus has infected his computer. Meanwhile, Twilight Sparkle doesn't know where she is, and there's data floating everywhere around her... by Blue Blaze {COMET} 46,795 words · 11,850 views · 1,541 likes · 54 dislikes

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  • Dreamweaver The dreamscape. A web of Equestria's dreams all connected by one plane of existance. One colt the age of sixteen has inherited a gift that nopony has seen for 500 years. Jumping around the dreamscape, he finds a nightmare which he cannot awake from. by Blue Blaze {COMET} 15,199 words · 279 views · 22 likes · 0 dislikes

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  • Chronicles of an Unknown World - The Awakening Twilight and Applejack find a strange meteor that crash lands into Sweet Apple Acres. Soon after, Ponyville suffers from a great thunderstorm. Against all odds, Twilight must survive the end of the world and save Equestria... with a human. by Blue Blaze {COMET} 116,908 words · 2,306 views · 60 likes · 15 dislikes

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  • A Link to Equestria The Hero of Time's arrival to Equestria bears more consequence than anyone expected: the discovery of a common History... and of common enemies. by Wandering Quill 123,305 words · 13,433 views · 773 likes · 39 dislikes
  • School of Hard Knocks Big crimes go to big ponies to solve. Small crimes? Those are mine. by Hoopy McGee 118,102 words · 30,187 views · 1,431 likes · 20 dislikes
  • Pony Gear Solid Solid Snake teams up with ponies to save Equestria. This will not be a good week for him. by Posh 277,064 words · 7,389 views · 364 likes · 7 dislikes
  • Through the Well of Pirene [Now EQD Featured!] A young girl must travel to Equestria to rescue her kid sister from the clutches of a terrible magician. by Ether Echoes 367,054 words · 20,032 views · 1,352 likes · 78 dislikes
  • Octavia Takes The Bus Ever imagine what a certain pony cellist would think if she had to take the bus? by TheDorkside99 75,610 words · 8,101 views · 490 likes · 17 dislikes


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Short Reviews: The Substitute Demon · 6:18am Mar 15th, 2016

Chapters Completed: 16 of 85 (Still reading, so concerns in the review may be solved by later chapters)

TL;DR - 6 out of 10. Pretty ok, but the main character is severely lacking and is never really challenged.

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Comment posted by Fisher28000000 deleted Sep 18th, 2016

is there more pony.exe coming?


This is for mainly your review of that story u were talking about. All I'll say is not all "dark" stories are bad, some DO have good endings like: School of hard knocks by hoopy mcgee, it is dark but it is like a dark moody to realization and a form of happiness and noone gets hurt or anything permanent. Just my opinion like you have yours Blue Blaze {Coment} just telling u not all dark stories end badly. I respect you made it through 14 chapters and it's your choice to stop reading it. Just thought I'd put my two cents in. Hope to see pony.exe soon, am rooting for u all the way !!:yay::yay::yay::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::rainbowkiss::ajsmug::scootangel:

Thanks for adding Blank to your favorites!

You got my Hopes up on Pony.exe, then threw them in the incinerator. :raritydespair:

Thank you for the fav on the difficulties of raising a pet alligator!

1843319 Oooh. That's a lot of mail. Have some more.
I'm not as popular as Kaidan or Alcatraz, but I did enjoy pony.exe (or what of it there is right now.)
Now on to read more of your stuffs!

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