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Short Reviews: The Substitute Demon · 6:18am Mar 15th, 2016

Chapters Completed: 16 of 85 (Still reading, so concerns in the review may be solved by later chapters)

TL;DR - 6 out of 10. Pretty ok, but the main character is severely lacking and is never really challenged.

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I hope you return soon with more Pony.EXE

Also I find putting a box asking not to comment a thank-you for fave/follow does not work. They just do it anyway.
Just get rid of the comments altogether if it gets bad enough.

TFW it's 2021 and still no updates

TFW it’s 2019 and still no updates

Hi. I just finished reading pony.exe and noticed it was last updated in 2016. Do you plan on continuing it? If so, is the next chapter close? I know you probably get this a lot but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask for those in 2018.

There is a perfectly sensible explanation as to why popular stories that are well written into have halted in their tracks: Their authors simply lost interest. This is a common occurrence with writers on a fan fiction website, where they write a story but because it's not planned out or organized properly it goes on a bit longer than they would like and they end up giving up entirely. However, the fact that writers do give up with such massive followings (for a MLP fan fiction website, anyways) while they've got their groove on baffles me.

huh, i know the feeling.

it's the fact that they don't come back to it that bothers me. Heck, it's the fact that they don't give closure to their fans is what bothers me. They don't at least leave a message saying "I can't continue on with this story. Here's the reason why and here's what I had planned for the rest of the plot." No, they don't do that. And that kind of sucks, because you just leave us hanging, waiting for some sort of input from you while we try to find another amazing experience on the website that can fill the gap of time-wasting that your story gave us! At lease give us closure! You don't have to be that selfish and just not care about what you've done, what you've created!

i know right?!?

totally not trying to guilt you into continuing pony.exe by pointing out that you did exactly what you have criticized.

i guess explaining the mysteries of the pony.exeverse must be done by multiple and various fans.

Comment posted by Simple deleted Sep 18th, 2016

is there more pony.exe coming?


This is for mainly your review of that story u were talking about. All I'll say is not all "dark" stories are bad, some DO have good endings like: School of hard knocks by hoopy mcgee, it is dark but it is like a dark moody to realization and a form of happiness and noone gets hurt or anything permanent. Just my opinion like you have yours Blue Blaze {Coment} just telling u not all dark stories end badly. I respect you made it through 14 chapters and it's your choice to stop reading it. Just thought I'd put my two cents in. Hope to see pony.exe soon, am rooting for u all the way !!:yay::yay::yay::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::rainbowkiss::ajsmug::scootangel:

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