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Alpine Star lives up on Big Mountain, the second-tallest mountain in Equestria, which also houses the number-one skiing and snowboarding spot in the continent. Every day she deals with the joys and troubles of snowboarding down the mountainside. As a member of the Snow Patrol, it is her duty to keep riders in check, keep them away from the out-of-bounds areas, and acting in search parties for any of those who get lost in the treacherous white wilderness.

With the Snowboarding Supercross coming back in two months, the biggest snowboarding and skiing event in the continent, she's in a crunch to balance her job, her friends, and her dreams, all at once!

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David Carrian can't help but be attached to his amazing, very expensive computer. As such, when a virus sneaks onto his system without his knowing, he puts all of his focus and knowledge into removing the threat that is screwing with his memory and CPU.

But he hears something coming from his headphones. A quiet, almost unnoticeable voice cries out from behind the computer screen. On one hand, knowing that the virus is playing such sickening sound effects drives him harder to fix the problem. On the other however, he stops to think after he finally makes out the words said to him...

"...Help me..."

This tale follows heavily on the Slice-of-Life and drama side of things, but sways towards adventure halfway through the story. As of Chapter 13 (treehouse.exe V1.31), we have not reached that point yet.

Episodes beyond season three episode two are ignored.

Click here to listen to a reading of the first chapter by Griffin Productions!

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Fluttershy's son deals with many odd things on a daily basis. Such is the life of a teenaged colt living on the edge of the Everfree Forest.

However, as odd as Ponyville is, nothing is more odd than the events that surround the Elements of Harmony. Seeing as his mother is one of them, one must be certain to expect odd events occurring around the individual.

But when Fluttershy becomes "indisposed" for a day or two, can Choir Wings cover for his mother, without letting anypony know her secret?

Contains Flutterbat.

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This story is a sequel to Changes

A young man stands alone on a hill, wounded and bleeding. He fought the worthy battle, as life around Equestria was threatened once again by a single magical anomaly. Everything around him was dead or dying, and the stars sparkle above as he tries to remember the past. He faces his destiny head on, realizing that he holds the key to victory in his hands.

He tries to remember his friends.

He tries to recall who they were or why they were important.

He remembers why he hated that purple mare so much, why she ruined his life, and why she deserves so much more than him.

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!Currently under heavy revision!

The Dreamscape.

A web of Equestria's dreams all connected by one plane of existence, the Dreamscape keeps the innocence of ponies' lives contained inside their blissful little minds. But upon every age in history, there came a pony that could cross the Dreamscape, one that could touch others' dreams and influence their outcomes, their elements. That pony was one of a kind; once in 500 years would such a pony be born into being.

Lucid Dreams is just a sixteen-year-old colt, and yet he has taken upon himself the endless, ever-tiring task of monitoring the dreamworld and calming down nightmares that afflict the ponies of the kingdom. But one fateful night has pitted him up against a deadly force that cannot be stopped.

It threatens his life, as well as the hundreds of thousands of lives that exist around Equestria.

His heart is ready to leap up his throat.

And he cannot wake up.

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It takes a lot of work for little things to happen.

Effort, skill and talent all fall into the same triangle.

High Hat, a magician of his own caliber, is all about talent and finesse. But when he does something that he's never done before and get disapproval, he has to try and handle himself with one of the most dangerous pitfalls life can offer.


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In the world of Equestria, there is the living, and there is the unliving.

"Ghosts" have been wandering the outskirts of major Equestrian cities for a long, long time, and for a long long time the Royal Equestrian Guard have been fighting off raids against the Ghosts from them taking small towns like Whinnypeg to huge metropolises like Ponyville. The war never ends, and the Guard is always recruiting.

But when a young injured stallion falls into captivity of the Ghosts, he will need to fight his way back out of their lair and back to his home with tooth and hoof.

Or maybe it won't be as hard as it all seems.

Not too much is known about Ghosts.

Maybe he will be the leader in undead relations.

One thing's for certain: He will never see the world, or Ghosts, the same ever again.

The cover image does not accurately portray the characters in this story.

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Twilight Sparkle couldn't be happier. Ponyville has set a new record for the length of time between disasters that have occurred in the otherwise quiet little town, there are no new evils rising in the horizon and her new telescope just arrived in the mail. Then, she gets a party invitation for a pony that just arrived in town. Twilight soon learns that the new pony isn't as she thought she was, and she may be more trouble than she seems. Answers seem to evade Twilight, as she can't pin any information from the newcomer. But in the background, darkness is rising, and the only way out of the danger is through cooperation and perseverance.

Meanwhile, the new mare struggles to fit into her new home...


I know "Adventure" is tagged with the story, but halfway through it's gonna slightly shift towards slice of life. Why? Because that's how I plan it to be. I'm warning all of you this now because I can't have both "Adventure" and "Slice of Life" tags at the same time. So just be aware of that.

I'm a bit of a stickler when it comes to tags.

Also, this story is rated teen for violence, broken bones and possibly a little bit of blood.

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A young man stands alone on a hill, contemplating memories of him and his friends and of all the adventures they went through, all the times they had and all the moments where they push through thick and thin as one. He recalls they joys of life and the sorrows of time, the rushes of hope and fears of danger. He remembers all the time he spent with the lot of them, and how the purple one selflessly picked him up off the ground.

How she changed him.

How she broke him.

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New Canterlot. Build 43 years after Nightmare Moon was defeated, the futuristic city was built on a far away planet in a need for a new home. The magical forces of Equis sought to destroy themselves and the ponies needed somewhere safe to stand by in order to survive.

Hundreds of years later, any sign of the original creators’ existence is long gone now. The New-Age Government is cruel and merciless in their rulings and citizens of the six districts suffer under their wrath. Humans, who have somehow found their way to the equine planet after Earth was destroyed, live as a minority species, one endangered and getting very close to being extinct by every passing year.

There are ponies who fight back, though. There are organized groups who plan and act against the New-Age Government in hopes of returning New Canterlot to the former glory it once had over 600 years ago. A revolution is coming, and it’s only time that is slowing the wave of violence and war from occurring.

Every change is decided by one action. By one soul.

By one hero.


Looking for an artist that I can commission a title image off of. PM me please!

Also currently searching for able pre-readers and maybe an editor. Interested? PM me!

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