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This is the group regarding to Episode 7: Bats! (I know, I know. Really early right?) I find the concept of the episode to be fabulous, and it is a chance for Fimfiction writers to show their vampire talents!

Use Common Courtesy
Please put your stories in the appropriate folder!
One story, one folder. Pick the most likely folder for it.

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Flutterbat is best Fluttershy!

I am joining because I love Flutterbat and I am considering maybe writing a fic based around her in the future. :yay:

354037 the Flutter Bat isn't all gone.
even if she looks like her ld self.
just look at how she was upside down in the typical Bat manner in Episode 14(Filli Vanilli).

Would be great with more Bat ponies on the show,
we still have a few Episodes of this season.

I also have a story or two, featuring Bat Ponies.

What of they made a season for my little pony with them as bat ponies

BAAATS! They're awesome:raritystarry:,most when ponies turn to bats...

Couldn't resist joining :rainbowkiss: bat ponies are so cool! :derpytongue2:

Couldn't resist joining.

I don't mind Flutterbat at all. Her appearance let hints, but caught me off guard after that. She's like chrysalis, in a way.

There's no way I'm not going to join this group. Flutterbat:yay:

342949 So that's a yes?, just want to make sure.

342935 hm. Touche. I just named it that way because Flutters was the only/first to experience the change.

Wow, it hasn't even been a week and already this group has 45 stories and 130 members.

I have been wondering this for awhile but shouldn't we go to the group called "Equestrian Vampirism" and copy there vampire Fluttershy and/ or Main 6 stories here?

I'm trying to resist joining this group, but I just can't.

Vamponies are now canon. All my dreams have come true! :rainbowkiss:

342563 Ahahhaahaha:pinkiehappy:
I dont get it:ajbemused:

(I couldn't resist)

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