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Welcome to the realm of all things Flutterbat! Submit your story, if you dare~

1. Only put your story in the correct folders
2. No being mean or being hateful with each other
3. Have fun!

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Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Jul 17th, 2022

I thought I would join, because Fluttershy is awesome as a bat.

370718 Oh ywah, she certainly is Flutterbat too. Isn't this one of her more interesting sides?
If she is anything else, but she is still just as cute as Flutterbat too.
350273 If I am not mistaken, "Folders" mean any and all folders that apply to the story.
Not just the one best describing it?

Now I hope to find some good and interesting stories to read here.

It's like you can read my mind!

So cute... yet so wild...so kind... yet so creepy....Fluttershy as Flutterbat....pinkie.ponychan.net/chan/files/src/132945008233.jpg
I'm so confused.... BUT I LOVE HER!! :pinkiehappy:

Is it ok for my story to be in multiple folders or just one folder? Somepony help me. :twilightoops:

I just started up a story with Flutter Bat.
There are a few additional twists, I hope shouldn't get in the way.

was I to put the story in a single folder, or the once I thought apropriate?

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