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Already thinking about Christmas... · 6:43pm November 5th

I know it´s only November but when you get the first Christmas catalog of the season, you can´t help it! This year I´m making a total of 10 animal pillows for different people in my family. I am not the greatest at sewing but I´m gonna try! I can´t wait to see their faces when they tear off the wrapping and see their favorite animal in pillow form! Speaking of favorite animals, what are your guys' favorite animals?

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thanks, ill look into it

TAD2 #30 · Tuesday · · ·

If you like Little Dragon go read my other story called Take Your nephew to work night or Dragon Mommies.

No problem........Wait I was your 100th? Sweet! I love your Dragon daycare story

TAD2 #28 · Tuesday · · ·

Thanks for the watch and thanks for being my 100th

But, you'd like mine. You might find a story you'd like to read. Your choice, of course.

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