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Well, this group is kinda self-explanatory. It’s for fans of Twilight Glimmer, author of the “You Can’t Extinguish The Sun” series. The rules are pretty simple.

1. All normal site rules apply.
2. You can add any stories you like, except for crossovers and anything Mature rated. I want to be able to keep this group suitable for everyone, and I will remove stories that I feel are too inappropriate for the group. If you are questioning if your story will be too inappropriate, just ask me.
3. I need more administrators! Please contact me if you are willing to help!

Have a great time!

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Alrighty, I’m in, plenty of time too, it won’t be very good though.

Edit: Or not plenty of time! I may not be entering..

Two plus two equals banana


Been hearing rumblings about your series...:rainbowhuh:

I have free time in the afternoon tomorrow, I'll check em out then.:rainbowkiss:

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