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Laptop get! · 5:06am Dec 15th, 2023

So, I'm still not home, and it's getting unclear if we ever will, on this silly adventure to help the roommate, but on the plus side, the person we're staying with out of state heard that i wanted to get a laptop sometime to do my writing on, because let's face it, typing on a phone with these freakishly large hands is a losing prospect. Anyways, they heard I wanted one, so they gifted me their Thinkpad they never use, I factory reset it and got it running my word processor. and after a

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Cheers for the fav on Breezies On the Brain. :)

That's alright! I'll look forward to the new rewrite!

Hey, I just noticed that you favorited my story, Second Chance, Second Life. I just wanted to warn you that the story is going through a major rewrite right now, and it may be almost unrecognizable when finished. Just a heads up.

Thanks for adding It's Only Coffee to your favorites. I hope you enjoyed your time with it.

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