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The end of an era? Or the start of a new era? · 2:40pm Aug 28th, 2019

I am saddened greatly by the end of Friendship Is Magic. However... Do not let the passing of this stop you from keeping MLP in your hearts and minds. Just because the show is over does not mean the adventures must come to an end. Please keep Equestria and its inhabitants alive in your dreams.

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I don't wana go to hell (that even worse than paradise) , but I don't wana die more. Where I can buy tickets to Equestria

I want to immigrate to Equestria.(you have my permission, so come find me when you can upload me with nanotechnology insects.)

Sorry for not responding sooner. I am not pretending to be anything. Name calling is juvenile at best and an intelligent person would not lower themselves to such a level. I most certainly will not. I wish you the best.

I want to emigrate to Equestria

Why not

You must be a sad person if you pretend to be a virtual AI that somehow makes people digital ponies

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