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Still Keeping In Touch · 8:23pm April 10th

I'll be here!! I won't be leaving again....I wished I hadn't done that in retrospect...Im glad I changed my mind...better to keep in touch slightly instead of leaving all the way

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3347765 thank you for seeing that

3347573 I have I'm ready to make a change

I see that you've returned. Here's a follow! :derpytongue2:

3150630 thank you for posting that. Seriously it was beautiful. But it also made me really emotional when I first heard it here

I'm making my return

HOLY SHIT! October?!

Did this man quit all of of fimfiction or just writing on fimfiction.


August 10th?! Last month?! Whaaaaaa?!

R.I.P man, hope you are well wherever you are, you're stories might have been a pain in the head, but they were always fun.

Hello. I hope you are doing well, since you stopped writing here.

idk who you were, idk what you did to garner such harsh criticism, but you deserved better. I haven't seen anyone who was as much of an endless spring of optimism as you

Honestly, I really miss this guy. I would have loved to know where he went and to which fandom he now dedicates his time to.

I hope this guy comes back. His stories may not have been great quality but they were tons of fun. Really miss them

You were a real one, an OG, and an inspiration my dude.

Wow! That's a lot of stories you've written!

Congrats on having the most amount of stories. 432 of them.

  • Viewing 1,431 - 1,450 of 1,450
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