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bye... · 9:17pm February 27th

After one more story I'm leaving fimfiction for good I've been thinking about this for a very long time. A very very long time to be exact. As you have noticed I wasnt very active in 2020 and 2021....this is due to the fact that I'm involved in a new fandom now. I havent been interested in my little pony for quite a while.

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Well its 11:59 PM on March 2 2021. Logging out for good.

Thx for everything I love you all

Peace out

- TheEvilCookie

I'm leaving on March 2

what a looooooooooooooooooooot of stories

2836829 Everything is fine i just havent been in the fandom lately

Hey, I know you're not writing as much at the moment, but I hope everything's ok with you :twilightsmile:

2815703 Yes ive made several that have more likes than dislikes

Um.......has this guy ever made a story that has more likes then dislikes?

2776989 Im sorry. Next story im going to have a really good edits on it

2736199 Yes I did. Its Hikari from Amanchu! :)

  • Viewing 1,423 - 1,442 of 1,442
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