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This school is for those that love cooking, baking, or even just eating food. Sharing recipes you've found or post threads of food you've made and how you did it. Everyone with a love affair with food is welcome to join. Now for a long paragraph about food.

Food is awesome! We all know that. For some of us, however, cooking the food is equally as amazing and fun! This group was made for that purpose. The gather to biggest food lovers on the site in one place so we can share the great food we've discovered or created ourshelves. Even those who find themshelves here only because they like the finished product are more than welcome. Food is the outcome for everyone. Please either put on your chef hat and apron or take a seat waiting for the amazing meal to come.

And now for some food porn.

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Now if ya'll excuse me, I'm going to get some lunch.

What? They teach how to cook meat:twilightsheepish:

>group named The Culinary School of Equestria
>picture on front page has meat in it

No. I don't see why it wouidn't. Perhaps copy th post and then try again with a paste:twilightsheepish: I had to do that earlier.

366230 It wouldn't let me post a thread, do you know why?

I have a fudge recipe I could put up here if I find it.

I'm sorry:fluttershbad: But food is awesome and with recipes to come you'd be able to cook amazing food!

You made me hungry. :twilightangry2:

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