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If you find anything interesting please post it on the FORUM and please you don’t have to follow rules here just no swearing. The movie was fantastic anyway and we will try to keep spoilers away and warn you.

PixelMoon’s Edit: Hey guys! It's Pixelmoon, I'm here! I'm just adding on and telling a very important message. Please add more stories! I just saw the movie and it's fantastic!


Just a director so you know what folders we have!

Related to the Movie

Sequels to the Movie


Goes Along With a Movie Clip


Incoming (Not sure where it goes)


MLP: The Movie Contest

People to Go to For Certain Things

If we have misplaced a story in the wrong folder or put a story that doesn't invoke the movie in any way, please contact PixelMoon.

For natural errors, go to the creator of this group, Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever.

Anything else goes goth rest of the admins who have not chosen their job.

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You must be busy joining all of these groups.

So joining this group. I been joining a lot more groups lately. Yes, there all mlp movie related.

Capper group

Thanks for using my wallpaper for the group's avatar! I'm honored :twilightsmile:

You’re welcome if you have any questions about this group ask me. If it is about stories into folders please contact Pinkie_Pie_ (Since I’m not really good at sorting out stories to the correct folders)

Gosh!! Thanks for including my story "Bluffing" in your group <3 !!

You’re off with the job now I gotta go to bed now for school.

You’ve been working hard on this group I just came back from school and here I’am with more members. (lucky it’s the weekend there)


20 people like the movie, sounds about right

Heh, I'm mostly Pinkie (duh!), Twilight, and Rainbow Dash. Though some people say I'm a Rarity...

It’s okay I think I’m all of them. :twilightsheepish:

Hmm now I think you’re half Pinkie and Twilight. :twilightsheepish::rainbowderp:

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