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I'm a strange and nice guy with a big heart :) I love to read and play video games. I live in Finland and do stuff for no apparent reason cause i am weird like that.... Brohoof! :D



Just a notice · 10:30pm Jul 24th, 2017

I'll be changing my current name from Wild Balance to LunarSoulOfTheLostLegion sometime during the next 24 hours or so :moustache:

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Very well said, my good sir.

I see the sex as a bonus more often than not as sex is not really needed to make a great romance fic. Sure it can compliment the fic if done good, but if done so that it feels forced in just for the sake of having sex in the fic, then it detracts from the fic as a whole.

(Odd tangent my mind ran through) Though i must admit that when reading clop fics, i have this odd tendency to laugh quite a lot while reading the clop fic:rainbowlaugh:

When i read romance fics, i do not seek sex. I seek the feeling of being embraced by the feelings of joy and the unbridled fury of emotions that accompany the romance/love that is infused to the very backbone of the fic. Romance is more than simple sex. Without emotion it is but a motion of moving your body, filled with no soul or meaning.

Romance is passion that exceeds the mortal limits of men and women across species, worlds and universes.
That is what romance is to me :eeyup:

See, that's what I like. People who actually appriciete the story for what it is, instead of just saying the sex was too short or something like that.

And thank you for the wonderful romance fic:raritywink:

Thank you for the bookshelf add.

  • Viewing 753 - 757 of 757
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