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I'm a strange and nice guy with a big heart :) I love to read and play video games. I live in Finland and do stuff for no apparent reason cause i am weird like that.... Brohoof! :D



Just a notice · 10:30pm Jul 24th, 2017

I'll be changing my current name from Wild Balance to LunarSoulOfTheLostLegion sometime during the next 24 hours or so :moustache:

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eh. might as well see where it'll go

I know, but I liked the story, lore and the way of overlords taking a army of zombies. So of course I had to take the opportunity to make some story with that, although with a displaced twist.

Besides, other than monotonous is also, as I had saw from comments, the game itself is hard as fuck. Even in Easy mode at some point. Plus, despite the story being set into a dark medieval world, the music that was used is kinda death metal, except for the cutscenes of course. And there's also, of course, the localization of the protagonist's language. And I mean that, while the other talked into a european, medieval one, the protagonists, the knights themselves, were almost talking as they were almost american, which is kind of jarring for someone.

Nonetheless, I wasn't initially having some expectation from this fanfiction, but then after I had wrote a main character with his own reason to be, I can say that I had some projects in mind... Including finishing the flashback ark of course.

I checked the game on youtube, seemed a bit monotonous.

Thanks for the folder add of Undead Raiser. Is there something interesting about that?

I asked this, because it was initially a warm up zombie story. I wonder if there are also some errors in the grammar, as usual. Still, this is also a crossover with a obscure PSP Game called Undead Knights, so is understandable if you don't know their characters and their world, which is why I described them in the flashback chapters while attempting to expand their lore.

And I think that's all.

Thanks for faving Ghost Of Reach! What do you like/dislike about it?

  • Viewing 756 - 760 of 760
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random things (and maybe some art too)

(best anime ever. i'll fight anyone who says otherwise)

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