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One of the best things to happen to me, was the discovery of my writing ability. Fanfiction is one way of jumping into another world, just one that you control.

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Actually one of my subscribers bought the ad space; which was really confusing till I got the YouTube comment explaining that they had done it on the live stream for the tabletop game this week.
So yeah, not my ads they were fan created.

I will check out a Night's Friend.

Best looking wolf I could find. Next time I have some money, I'm going to put in a commission for a profile pic I want to use more.

For a quick read, I would personally recommend The Nights Friend, as it is just a 1-shot, and in my opinion, better than my other 1-shots as well.

You paid money to advertise your story, it has to be good! I will let you know what I think on each individual chapter! I haven't started reading it just yet, but I didn't want to see it, pass it up, and then not be able to find it. Your chapters have the one thing I like more than quality, and that's length!

Woot! Thanks for the favorite on Dead Tree. If you enjoy it, hit the upvote; if ya don't dislike. Let me know your opinion in the comments.
In the mean time; which one of you rstories would you recommend the most? Also why a phoenix wolf?

Oh, it's all good. Just had a bunch of long-running issues in my life that I had to sort through.
Also was a bit burnt-out on ponies (eat, sleep, and write them for 4 years and it wears you out a bit).
But I'm just about back :rainbowdetermined2:

heh... Well, its been 4 years without even a status update, so I'm left to suspect the worst. I loved the story, and it took me months to get caught up when I first started reading it, but after such a long time with no update, I'm left to believe the story died. I am most likely far from the only reader that believes that as well.

When I went through my favorites to try and organize it a bit, just know it wasn't in my intentions for you to see that...

  • Viewing 67 - 71 of 71
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