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If you want to see more of my work, look me up on Fanfiction.net, I have many stories already finished there that may interest you if you enjoy what I post here.


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Top Stories

  • TCelestial Gift
    An ODST that was on the Forward Unto Dawn during its destruction is sucked through a wormhole with plenty of other debris. Follow his tale as he crash lands in Equestria.
    Wolfsalvo · 51k words  ·  556  36 · 10k views
  • TLuna's Week Off
    After a months worth of time has passed, Mark decides to take Princess Luna up on her offer to visit her in Equestria. Romance will ensue and Mark will need to make a fateful decision by the end of his vacation.
    Wolfsalvo · 60k words  ·  222  13 · 4.4k views
  • THiker's Ordeal
    From Care giver to friend, and eventually maybe something more. From hiker to patient, and then friend, and eventually something more. What happens when two lonely souls get to spend time with each other?
    Wolfsalvo · 11k words  ·  219  13 · 4.3k views
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  • TLuna's Night Out
    When Luna comes to the human world to celebrate her birthday, she has a good time when she meets a man at a bar.
    Wolfsalvo · 9.4k words  ·  233  17 · 5.6k views
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