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What would happen if a third survivor was aboard the Forward Unto Dawn? What if this survivor just happened to mysterouisly arrive to Equestria? We will follow the tale of an ODST who happens to survive an unlikely survival during a crash into the royal courtyard, and what happens after that... well, that is for you to read, and find out...

Cover-image provided by VenetianGhost.

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Excellent. Very well done. Maybe bump this up to teen, though.


Oh, hi there, Halo crossover 453,546.
Wait... Everyone rating on a Halo story? This might actually be something different... for once. Might just have to take a peek, then.

Okay, I'll need to keep in touch with this one. So far so good.

I had never entered a planet’s atmosphere at an angel as great as this,

Should be 'angle' Only mistake I saw.

Well done good sir. Have an upturned thumb.

So, which princess is the human character going to ship with?

you got the wrong eclipse, solar eclipse is where the moon moves in front of the sun, what you are describing is a lunar eclipse where the earth moves in front of the moon

3249292 Thanks for pointing those two errors out, I have fixed them now.

3249146 Heh, that is for you to find out in the upcoming chapters. Even if you go to the other site I write on, it still hasn't been revealed, and it wont be until after chapter 7; though im not sure when to reveal it yet. I can say that I will give hints, but making early assumptions will only confuse yourself. :D

3249122 Thanks for pointing that error out, I have fixed it by now.

3249090 Just how Doctor Brony pointed out, it should be teen; I didn't know how to change it at the time, but now it is teen.

By the way, on my other site, I reply to the comments of my reviewers, is that a common practice here on this site?


You'll find some folks try to reply to every comment, others try to hit on the story related ones, and yet others are quiet as a mouse. Up to you, really. I try to reply to most of the comments I get on my works, so hey. Really up to you.

3249454 heh, that it is. Im posting on this site because chapter 2 yielded no reviews over a weeks time span, so a friend convinced me to post on this site. It is actually stunning that in the first chapter, it has received better reception than on fanfiction, as I am established as a skilled writer over there.

3249490 What day/month did you post it on that site?

3249505 The 11th day of this month... basically a little over a week ago.

I saw the other ODST story on this site just last night, so I can happily say, my work was posted before his was.

when are you gonna put chapter 2 on this site?

3250245 heh... maybe in a few days.

don't do the stereotypical hie style fanfiction

3250394 You are doing very well bravo, but as many ficts i have seen you need to be very careful on how you go about the story, many tend to go belly up with the accorded disconnection from the halo universe and or the unsc becoming some sort of super personality who is immediately taken to twilight where all of her little friends immediately accept him with open hoofs out of pity. :trollestia: Alas the normal job for any Usmc solder/spartan in Equestia is or has something to do with an apple farm. :ajbemused: Heh be wary you have a great thing going here Im trilled at your prospect so far. :ajsmug:

3251000 Yeah... I never figured out what this HiE thing was. Plz elaborate.

From what I have gathered, if it is where the human turns into a pony, not happening.

3252314, human in equestria and stereotypes for it are everyone wanting to Bang the main character, having tons of skills, everyone easily becoming his friend, can somehow use magic, hates life and humanity, being a pussy, getting un beatable in a fight ect

3251932 Out of ALL the fics I ever wrote, only a single one has ever 'gone belly up', and that is because it was like the 4th or 5th in its series. Other than that, I can safetly say this story is going to be long, as I have some stuff planned for it. And Steel won't be working on the apple farm, but he will happen to stop by it and aid applejack, that much I can garuntee, but working there, not gonna happen, and the same can be said about it being a twilight/OC fic.

3252338 Lol, this might be where ponies talk and use magic, and monsters in the evergreen forest, but that is about as stereotypical as it is going to get. Yes, he will make out with a certain pony later, but he wont just go and bang her, lets leave that for 'Gentlemen for Mares'.

No, if he gets in any fights, he will feel the pain, and/or get injured, and he is a medic, not a fighter, so his skills aren't exactly top notch. Also... I will give you this teaser, Luna is going to knock him the fek OUT in chapter 4! XD (It is a humor filled knock out xD)

3252360 How does one simply "make out" with a horse?

3252487 idk... I was planning on doing what a few others do in their stories, just kiss the horse... that is an awkward, but needed question...

3252346 Im looking forward to it cant wait to see the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

3252626 I wasn't going to pdate for a few days... but give me 10-30mins while I edit the chapter... this site doesn't just let me update from my folders like fanfiction... lol...

Interesting. I wonder if he would say yes or ask for a beer?

okay i am really enjoying this story, i appreciate that this isn't taking the route of several other halo crossover stories where violence between the human/aliens and ponies immediately.
I eagerly await more

3252874 LMAO! Alright, All it TOOK was for me to look at your name before I started laughing!

Plz tell me this, are you a guy or girl? I just NEED to know which gender came up with a username like Spetsnaz Pinkie Pie... that is just too good! I actually was able to imagine that too! XD

As you hoped you would get a little bit of a better response on this than Fanfiction. And I really wonder what will happen next. :eeyup:

3253035 Dude, just... HOW!? XD

How did you come up with such a perfect name!? XD


Used part of my Xbox gamer tag.

Although I might change my gamer tag to Spetsnaz Pinkie Pie once I get internet again.

This is nicely done. Definitely a good read. Looking forward to more of your work.

Well then, not how I was hoping it to go :twilightblush: but :trixieshiftright: ........... Okay this is very good. :derpytongue2:

You might want to consider having somebody proofread these before you post them, there are some minor spelling and grammar errors in here. Anyway, good work! I thought first contact was fairly original and quite well-done. :scootangel:

This is pretty good. It would be cool though if you had Master Chief make an appearance. yup that would be badass and with arbiter too!

Even better than before, really gripping.

Wow, this is really really bad/ :facehoof:

3255914 Really bad eh...? That's not what the 100+ fav's are saying xD

If you don't like it, im not forcing you to read it.

3256886 lol tell'em someones not a halo fan

3251000 I just figured out what an HiE fic is... Human in Equestria. I figured this out while doing dishes xD

3259351 I used to wonder what my favorite Authors would do during their free time, or what would go on during their lives when they aren't typing; here's my view of it, but happening to me.

Playing Candy Crush on Facebook,
Watching TV (MLP when family isn't around :facehoof:)
going to school
and recently, crashing my bike and earning myself some more cuts and bruises. :rainbowlaugh:

I never knew you could bruise the entire underside of your palm until today, when the full effects of that crash became noticeable. :rainbowhuh:

*Trying to play around with those emotes for once*

sweet when will steal talk about the human covie war

3269638 I don't know, haven't thought about bringing that convo up for Steel and Celestia yet.

For whatever reason, this update didn't trigger my unread favorite counter. I just happened to see it on the front page.

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