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EThe Friendship Contest
Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer compete for Twilight Sparkle's attention.
Roselucky Seven · 5.2k words  ·  158  11 · 3.1k views

[Adult story embed hidden]

TPonemurdered 2
16 authors, one story. I foresee precisely zero problems.
The Gentlecolt · 37k words  ·  47  3 · 422 views
TSuper Trampoline and BABSCon Authors Write Ponies
Armed with multiple legal and illegal substances, Super Trampoline enlists the help of various authors at Horizon's author party to write a crappy story about Spike's eighteenth birthday party held at Twilight's castle that has a lot of chaos..
Super Trampoline · 563 words  ·  20  10 · 330 views

Amigo by ROBCakeran53
Baking After Hours - Damien Darkside
Berry's Bottom Bottle - Mikesnipe
The Light of Her Life - Seventh Heaven
The Most Magical Night of My Life - anonpencil
A Stallion's Strength - Enigmatic Otaku
Urinals Aren't Equine Friendly - ROBCakeran53

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In one of your streams once, I came up with a fic idea that you liked. One where Sunset was a huge gamer and shitposter and played Fortnite and was the 'Ninja' of EQG.


What are you talking about?

What happened to Sunset shitpost?

Last I checked, he does have a fimfic, but I honestly don't remember his username.

Question. A while back Scarlett blade read one of your stories he has since been kicked from youtube. Do you know if he has a FimFiction account? Or what his discord is

  • Viewing 432 - 436 of 436
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Art! Thank You! <3

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