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Anonymous leaves Ponyville to pursue a quiet office job in Manehattan. While he finds the possibility of new love in his future, he finds that his past from Ponyville isn't willing to give him up so easily. Some mares just don't know when to stop.

Who will Anon choose? His past life, Fluttershy? The mysterious Autumn? Or, perhaps the troubled Mulberry?

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Go for the bookish girl, or Sluttershy?
Bookish girl. Always bookish girl :raritywink:


I'm thinking it's more Bookish Girl, Neighbor Lady or StalkerShy...

Neighbor Lady sounds nice...

StalkerShy ...:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy: jejejejejajajajaj very nice:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:


Good story with a unique idea. Still wish you would update "Man's Best Friend" than start on another story, though.

I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it!


I'm working on an update for Man's Best Friend and Something You'd Regret right now.

Office Love is a series I've had out and worked on for a very long time before joining fimfiction. In fact, I already have 9 parts for it written. I'm simply uploading them. Office Love will not slow progress on Man's Best Friend or Something You'd Regret :twilightsmile:

Well, I know what I'm reading when I get home from work today.

Is this a side project or is this going to be a main story of yours?
Because I'm likeing it all ready.

This is technically a main project. :ajsmug: So get excited! I think! Maybe! :twilightsheepish:

OMG.....:rainbowlaugh: the ending of that chapter. Please more of this.

Will it ever be explained why anon doesn't want :fluttercry:? I'd take her as my waifu. :yay:

You open the door all the way to see... her. She wears her hair tied up into a tight ponytail, and is wearing a pair of faux glasses. Her work attire screams the sexy secretary look. She leaps up and wraps her hooves around you.

You meant this Fluttershy?


THAT was the picture I wanted to be the cover art of this story! I wasn't able to find it when I was getting ready to upload it!!! Yet, you found it! Like a Baws. :yay:

4708564 Uh, your welcome! Just...anything I can do for a friend. Just tell me. But your welcome!

Oh god, what lie did Fluttershy told this time?

I can see his boss grin turn upside down when he see Anon is not smiling and instead looks scare.
The real question is what will happen next, will Anon will just break and yell at her to back off, did he will get extremely cold and treat her just like employ it, will he launch her out of the office and tell his boss she is his stoker, because I did my homework companies had measurements for that, she can get fired right away, if he can prove it.

At least she can can't stock him on the office, that is sexual harassment and that is an instant fired.


this has got to be good

Seen this on /mlp/, what made you decide to start uploading it here?

4704069 As much as I like Fluttershy, I WOULD NOT like Rapistshy. No matter how much it would impress me (and possibly turn me on).

4715792 C'mon, her problem as I can tell so far was that she came on too strong. She's caring, kind, pretty, and cleary has a major thing for anon. I'd jump on that flutterplot so fast.:yay:

4716880 If being nearly raped means 'a little bit too strong' to you, I REALLY hope I never meet someone that's being at a 'Oh my god, RAPE, RAPE!' level in your opinion.

4717583 Okay, I must have skimmed through the chapter, because I can't recall anything about Anon saying she almost raped him. The only thing he said from what I remember was the fact that she wanted him and he didn't. She always came up with some new scheme to get him but that it always failed and he never elaborated on it. Please point out where the attempted rape was, I really can't recall it.

So far all I've seen is Fluttershy not taking rejection very well, nothing remotely close to sexual assault.

She fumbles through her back for her phone.

Anon does give a very vague description of what Flutters did, but he says something that's difficult to notice.

Is it Twilight or Fluttershy? Calling the rapist would be suicide,

Yes, I know he doesn't just straight out say she tried to rape him, but he calls her 'the rapist'. I doubt Anon would call Flutters a rapist unless it happened.

4719381 He's most likely exaggerating which quite frankly seems to be the case. Unless nothing else has been described in detail of what she really has done, so far she's only guilty of being overly strong.

4715789 I think I'm ready to favorite this (I was hesatant at first because of the sex tag)

What did she do to the coffee?:trixieshiftleft:

. . . .:twilightoops:

WHAT DID SHE DO TO THE COFFEE!?:raritydespair:

Dat dialogue...

That being said, the story needs better set up. A dialogue driven story gets boring because the reader has to set everything up in their head. Unless you are using "Because 'you' are in this story, it's up to the reader."

And then, it still seems a bit lazy...

Wait...you telling me...that Fluttershy and Anon (or supposedly me) in the old times use to randomly get it on at random times, and she would stalk Anon (me)?

Honestly, if it was me in Anon shoes, I'd be like, "Fluttershy? What are....woah~! Okay...I'll let this slide, but hurry it up! Just a quick blowy and let me finish my work." :rainbowlaugh:

She just stand up and leave ALL of her animals?…Just like that…those animals look at her like a mother specially Angel and now she just turn the back on ALL of them?…just like that?…that is just down right cold, and she KNOWS about the kitchen even if he never mention she is living on the ALLEY on his building even though she just sold everything she has? AND she sold everything she has?…that…that is not sad, that is down right creepy she destroy all that she is for HIM!? Some thing doesn't add up, is just…is just, DASH would never let her do something so huge like that NONE of them will let her do something like that, that is just extreme, its insanity.

I hope Twilight and the others can fix the mess she just did, because she practically destroy who she is for someone and that is not sane, she needs her friends more than ever…hell I'm starting to think she needs a treatment from Cadence to stop those feelings

Thank you for the feedback! I agree that a dialogue heavy story leaves a lot to be desired for the reader. This story was originally written a long time ago and I've cleaned it up for Fimfiction. Part of the clean up has been adding what little description there is in this part. I promise that later parts are written with more description, or at very least a better 'description to dialogue' ratio.

I know that "It's old, lol, cut it some slack." Isn't a good argument. "If it's bad, rewrite it till it's good." Right? However, I've been doing my best to keep the story as original as possible to it's original form so it doesn't alienate the original fanbase of the story. At the same time, I want the story to be cleaner, more coherent and overall easier to read.

I'll heed your words in future parts. Thank you. :yay:

okay, she's a slut, so does that mean she slept around with everyone while he was in a relationship? Did he bang her for fun but she expected more? I'm still trying to find out more about why Anon doesn't like her. Can someone help me out here? I'm really lost.

Oh, Anon... letting your obsessed stalker Flutterbutter crash on your couch for a few days just like that? Sounds like a recipe for disaster. I'd have probably set up a cot for her in my new office to keep her out of my house until she can find her own place, but then again, maybe he wants to keep her nearby so he can keep an eye on her. I suppose it's arguably better to invite her into your apartment by choice than to have her invite herself in later while you're sleeping...

I'm eagerly awaiting the inevitable encounter between FS and the other mares.

4727478 If he had to dump some out to see if the plant died or burst into flames then her previous attempts at making the sweet morning nectar of the gods must have been horrendous let alone down right lethal.

Suspicious fluttershy is suspicious:trixieshiftleft:

I might be able to slap dat like button soon but I can't be sure

4735814 thanks for the explanation, I just wish the author had gone in more depth about what Fluttershy did to make anon in this story so damn apprehensive about her. It's kinda hard to relate to the main character if nothing more than vague stuff is given, especially for someone who does not visit 4chan.

So Fluttershy would pretty much throw away her normal lifestyle and her possessions because she strongly shows affection for this guy, but why doesn't he love her as well? At least he cares for her by giving her a place to stay. I just hope this doesn't end with Fluttershy going off the deep end. Though somehow she probably already has.

She might not have done anything bad to it. Maybe she's just like that Asian guy from that Green Hornet movie. She just makes a wonderful cup of coffee. :trixieshiftleft: Hopefully.
I'd wondered about his door early on. Now it makes sense. Please Flutters, behave your adorable self.

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