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The Cutie Mark Crusaders are celebrating the anniversary of their decision to form a polycule. However, when Sweetie Belle loses her gift to Scootaloo on their way back to the old clubhouse -- she’s left with a tough decision on what to do next.

Narrated by Straight to the Point Studios

Written for wishcometrue.

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Comment posted by shenadri deleted August 30th

sarcasm was not required, but still I learned something today, so I thank you sincerely

Written for wishcometrue.

Does this mean you do requests/commissions?

my queue is currently closed. ive got more than i know what to do with

This story is so sweet, and I absolutely love it. Thank you very much!

However, when Sweetie Belle loses her gift to Scootaloo on their way back to the old clubhouse -- she’s left with a tough decision on what to do next.

Buy her a playset of Gifts Ungiven? It's a good card.

It's a great card. Perhaps even broken in commander.

THIS IS SO CUTE!! Poly crusaders bring me joy 😭💞

It's actually banned in commander.


So what did Applebloom get them?

This story is like a nice way to warm up! All that sweetness bein' like a fireplace giving comfort on a cold winter night! It's all so sweet! Hope ya didn't mind, but I couldn't resist making a reading of this romantic fic of yours!

Audio Linkerloo!: https://youtu.be/wT0kDRPOwIw

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

you're a champion and too good for fimfiction :3

Oh good, it wasn't just me

This was amazingly adorable.:heart:

I’ve been seeing your links all over the stories I’m reading lately.

Finally went to click on one to listen to it.

And it’s not live yet.

I don’t know if I want to laugh or cry.

That is so freaking valid!

Nopony was in the storm drains, minding her own business, when they were caught off guard by a loud, metallic clattering thundering through the pipes. She slipped in the slime and almost face-planted into the mush, but managed to catch herself with a hoof against each wall just in time to see a golden locket come tumbling out of one of the pipes and land directly in front of them.

"...What's this?" Nopony asked. Releasing herself from the walls, she squatted and levitated the metal locket into the air, where it was illuminated by her golden aura.

It was covered in mud, but wiping away the grime revealed what used to be a pair of photos inside, though they were long since lost to water damage.

Turning the item over, though, brought to light something more revealing.

A tiny engraving on the back of the locket read: Scootaloo.

Tears started to well in the corners of Nopony's eyes as she wiped the excess grime away around the name. Remembering the numerous adventures they had together, Nopony couldn't help but smile. "Thanks, Squirt."

I do hope you get the reference. :scootangel:

10/10 story, would set up deterministic modern storm line again.

How do I bookshelf a comment? I wanna put this one on Favourites

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