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The Cutie Mark Crusaders approach Spike with the most important question ever... who is 'the cute one'. It gets weird really quick.

Featured! 1/2/2017

All "Cute One" stories have to come in chapters from now on. :unsuresweetie: Mods Orders.

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“We are taking this to Ponyville’s highest authority on ponty attractivity!” Scootaloo snarled.

Don't think 'ponty' is a dang word either!:ajsmug:

“Fine… Apple Bloom make you case.”


“Besides you don’t even know what making out out is!”

This 'out' should be outed. (No, I'm not sorry)
Oh now you've started something here and why do I hear Benny Hill music?

A little different from what I was expecting but Spike's reaction definitely feels like what he'd actually do in this situation.:rainbowlaugh:

:duck: Girls ,I heard about your little contest of cute
:unsuresweetie: did I win?
:scootangel: I've got it.
:applecry: Nope it's me!
:raritywink: Girls get your own sweet little dragon...
:unsuresweetie: Rarity, What's making out?
:unsuresweetie::scootangel::applecry: we heard that...You and Spike maybe

That was a very enjoyable read. :twilightsmile:

Cute / funny I r8 8/8 m8
Also scootaloo is the cutest

It's a good thing that Discord wasn't going to give a golden apple to the winner of the Cutie Contest.

I think Sweetie's the cutest.

... Hey Spike! You never gave an answer!

7832510 That is a thing that I am making a thing. :pinkiehappy:

7833090 And you think this question will be answered? That is adorable. :pinkiecrazy:

7832570 Typos died of Diabeetus! They're blood sugar just couldn't take it! :pinkiecrazy:

This story was born of a bet with David that I couldn't do "cute".

7832593 I'm almost afraid to ask what direction you thought this one was gonna go. After all you read my "other" stories. :pinkiecrazy:

7832904 Congrats on being right Scoots is the cutest!

7832915 Golden apple? Don't get it. What is this apple of gold?

7833485 if my head cannon about the cbc being 13ish is correct then she's my wifu or she was until the loud Loud house came on and I saw Luan :heart:

7833478 Nah, nothing as 'unspeakable' as your other stories, I was expecting something silly like one of the crusaders trying to trick or bribe Spike, which they did but the scene in my head is that they'd get into a fight over their methods. Spike would just watch the 'cat-fight' before Starlight comes in and either break it up or, for the sake of comedy, join him and even gives him some popcorn.

Still, I prefer your version better since it really is what Spike would do if faced with the Crusaders like this.

7833499 It's a reference to the Trojan War. Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite were given a golden apple by Eris, goddess of discord (:trollestia:), and told that it was only deserved by the most beautiful goddess. They took their case to Hector, prince of Troy, and each made their case. Hera claimed that, as queen of the gods, she was obviously the most beautiful, and would give him great riches for choosing her. Athena said that wisdom was greater than outward appearance, and promised to make him the wisest man in the world if he picked her. Aphrodite simply smiled, and promised him the most beautiful woman on earth if he picked her. Hector chose Aphrodite, and she gave him Helen, wife of another Greek king. The Greeks then declared war on Troy, and it all went downhill from there.


The Judgement of Paris. It's where the Apple of Discord originates -- the one Professor Ashen Smirk has as part of his Eris-symbol Cutie Mark.

Lol! :rainbowlaugh:

I'll answer the question for Spike. While they're all cute, Sweetie is the cutest. Plus in the future she's going to be a soul-destroying succubus of gorgeousness.


No, you will...honest!

Scootaloo is the cute one.

Making out means lip-kissing over and over and over and over........
Spike thinks Ember is the cutest of them all.


Pretty good. Your idea was solid, though your execution was a little awkward. The only thing that got me really peeved was the video you threw in. If you're gonna do something like that, it can wait until the author's note. But, overall, this was a good read.

Also, AB is obviously the cutest.

7834787 Yay! A vote for Apple Bloom. I'm personally in the Scootaloo camp, but I was wondering why no one had thrown in Apple Bloom yet. :scootangel:

Instant favorite! Ahahaha this story is so cute, funny, and overall captivating. Great job!

Cute story!
I enjoyed reading it.

But to answer the original question, I think Scootaloo is right:

Scootaloo laughed back at Sweetie Belle. “More like I'M the cute one, you're the sweet one, and Applebloom is the tough one.”

Small suggestion: Make the "I'M" italic like above. Looks a bit better in my opinion.

You girls are too cute and adorable

This story was pretty cute, huh irony

It was a cute fic, but short and filled with bad grammar. Can't decide if worth upvote or not. :twilightoops:

7836576 Well, I was going for cute and short. My gramar is probably not-good. I accept this. I hope you enjoyed the ride :twilightsmile:

Run, Spike! Run!!

loved this story! :rainbowlaugh:

Needs editing, reads more like a fanfic of fanfics than a fanfic of the show, and embedding a Youtube video in the middle of your story the way you did is kind of a bad idea. I mean, if it was a video that enhanced or was related to the story in any way, you could make a case for it, but this was jarringly out of place and meta...doesn't work.

And the cutest is............. Sweetie Belle!

What the Samuel Helsinki did I just read?

And the cutest is... Flurry Heart!

Because dear lord I think my veins are clogging with sugar.


They're all different kinds of cute.

Applebloom is kawaii.
Sweetie is moe. (You'd think Bloom would be the moe one since it's in her name, but I disagree).
Scootaloo is woobie.

(No, kawaii and moe are not synonymous.)

Is there a plan to end this story rather than have it just stop?

I read this as "The Cult One".

I would've read that.

“What’s not gonna be weird?” Spike sounded a little scared. “Should I walk back inside?”

Yes, Spike, you should walk back inside and lock the door. No good can possibly come of this.

Spike did the smart thing, he didn't answer

Spike did the smart thing. RUN SPIKE RUNNNNN!!!!! :moustache:

This can only end in abominations.

“Hey! I totally made out with Snips behind the schoolhouse! That counts!” Scootaloo argued.


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