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This story is a sequel to Bits of Ash

Join Twilight and Thorax as they set hoof on Discord's Magic School Bus for a trip into the post apocalyptic future of Everglow.

They say the road to ruin is paved in the best of intentions, and no where is this more true than in the Ashen Waste of Everglow. Slapstick LeFaux, a unicorn colt blessed by the goddess of the doppelgangers is the sole survivor when his circus caravan is ambushed by raiders. Sunrise Flare is a young mare who's life was upended when a doomsday cult of crazed pony fanatics remade her in their twisted image of an "ideal" monarch. In a world that hasn't seen the sun in over two hundred years, a careless wish can invite disaster. And nothing costs as much as a sun rise.

This story is based in the world of David Silver's Ponyfinder RPG books. Specifically the upcoming campaign setting From the Ashes, available now for pre-order!

Also this is a sequel/prequel to my previous story Bits of Ash. Although, being a prequel, although reading that is in no way necessary to enjoy this story. Has many funs! :pinkiecrazy:

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You do like lining your paths with good intentions.

It's how they pave all the best roads to hell. :pinkiecrazy:

Your a good -- You're a good

You have two of those.

you little magic show -- your little magic show
your doing -- you're doing

I am curious, why the trademarked names?

9016163 I assume you mean the Wormer siblings. :derpytongue2: I just felt like throwing in a totally random animaniacs reference. :twilightblush:

Will nightmares be appearing in this story?

you’re hunt -- your hunt

You three, establish a parameter.

Perimeter, I bet.

Kind of an understated way to describe what is basically the introduction of the main antagonist, but the priest is totally wrong about it being her apparition, huh?

So understated they didn't even see it coming, except that one mare, and it was the last thing she *ever* saw coming...

I enjoyed their conversation. It is good to see a bit more of their character.

Thanks for taking the time to comment. Sorry you don't seem to like the story.

What exactly happened between last chapter and here? Suddenly the conjoined twins are being taxidermied luke animals? Why?

9265958 There are gaps in both of these stories. I wrote them in bits and pieces, out of order. Also I'm saving the bits that involve the Leering Sun directly for the sequel, "Damn The Sun", which I'm commissioning from David Silver, who's way better at this than I am. These stories were a bit of an experiment for me. I hope you liked it... some of all of these questions will be answered in the future. :pinkiehappy:

Somewhere in a distant watertower, an eye twitched.

The Miraculous Queen, Sunrise flare arose from the slag and ash of what once seemed a small dragon’s hoard

Should be Flare.

...just for fun we run around the perimeter a lot...
Just found this side story to Duet in the Dust, was quite surprised to find an Animaniacs reference here, of all places.

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