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This story is a sequel to Awkward Conversations And Other Stories

New breakthoughs in printing technology has lead to a revolution of literacy, as cheap publication has brought the printed word out of the great libraries of Equestria and into the homes and hooves of all, from the richest to the poorest. Likewise, nearly anypony can become a published writer in this new age. Dozens of magazines compete for both readers to buy their stock, and writers to supply their stories.

This is the tales of "The Pony Dreadfulls", a series of stories about ponies. Dreadful in both subject and quality.

Note: This Story is a Sequel to Awkward Conversations And Other Stories

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Ink Well, a white and black stallion whose coloration helped to offset the constant ink that stained his coat (sometimes Type wondered how much, if any of the black splotches were even natural coloration at all). - sentence fragment, you should add an action after the parenthetical.

Sunny Day’s - Sunny Days

Picture PErfect supplied - Picture Perfect supplied

Pi and Pic - Pip and Pic

Well run - We'll run

And What? - And what?


I like it! :twilightsmile:

It does poke fun at the Silververse, but not to the point where anyone would have to read it all before they could enjoy it. The subtle references just make it that much nicer for those of us that have read Mr. SIlver's other works.

Overall I think it's off to a solid start, the characters all seem interesting and I want to learn more about them and discover where you'll be going with this.

I hope there is something useful in these bits of commentary. :twilightsheepish:

7503919 Typos disappeared in the thick London... er Canterlot... fog.

Yay! I got a new story approved! Thanks for the pre-read! It was obviously good luck. :pinkiehappy:

New breakthoughs in printing technology has lead to a revolution of literacy, as cheap publication has brought the printed word out of the great libraries of Equestria and into the hoes and hooves of all,

So brothels as well?:rainbowlaugh:

edit: Ink Well had me wondering if it was Genevieve's boss but that was Ink Blot on reviewing that story arc, damn hoped to hear more of Jenny and Sablee, not necessarily the bedroom stuff just them dating and getting along. Anyway liking it so far, break out the drama!

7506478 Yep they pump the printed word straight into the hoes of Equestria. Also the bitches. Almost left that particular typo, but I think the advances in brothel technology brought about by the influx of changeling refugees was a topic well covered in the last story. :scootangel:

First off, congrats on getting this story approved. Second off:rainbowlaugh:

I really like the characters and how they poke fun at fanfiction in general(and the Silververse). The bit with Orange Plate being demonized, while a little unscrupulous(then again, the characters already said they have a low standard) is quite fitting considering his actions.

So Scootaloo ships Rainbow with Jake? Heh, I can only imagine the awkwardness Ink Well would go through when he tries to interview Scootaloo.

7507200 Conversations continue to be awkward. :pinkiecrazy:

orange pip incredulously

Orange Pip

who raws smut

who writes raw smut?

South Decatur

South Decanter.

Cease and desist on the the porn? Guess the new prince must have read the article and was disturbed by the accuracy of it. Does this story take place before or after Silver's coronation?

“You actually live here?” Picture Perfect looked at orange pip incredulously.

Orange Pip

“Say’s the mare who raws smut for the most the most disreputable publication in Equestria,”

Ahh the plot thickens, as I nearly fall off the front of my wheelchair.:pinkiegasp:

7509426 Pips cutie mark, by then way is Five Orange Pips. First to get the reference gets an unnamed something. :pinkiegasp:

Typos counted, accounted and exterminated. :pinkiecrazy:

7509573 It's a reference to the Sherlock Holmes's short story, The Five Orange Pips. I'd add some theories about what Orange Pip could do to aid the Guard but it's been ages since I read it so my memory is a little fuzzy. Something about the KKK, I think.

It's not a racist(speciest?) thing, is it?

7509615 No Orange Pip is not a rascist. But yes, the story was about the KKK. The win an undefined thing. I don't know what it is yet. :pinkiecrazy:

and Popularity of your story


Ah the world of publishing, switching names and paying dues. At least they were nice enough to send poor 'old' Sunny Days payment for her story. Heh, wonder how the others react when they read about that article. I mean, sure it's technically 'fiction' but with the use of a pony's real name, people and ponies might treat Lyra differently,

7514745 What lead to this: Moonbeam (Samantha's adopted son in full cannon Silververse) gets copies of The Pony Dreadful from Diane.He was instantly caught by everypony. Poor kid mercifully never realized it was his granddaddy the story was about.

7514782 Huh, wonder how Diane got that copy...on second thought, maybe it's better I don't know.

7514849 She can be a perfectly hole free adult changeling on demand. She agree's to obey family rules and safe words, to have a family. At the end of the day Diane has only adolescent proto-queen changeling rules.

Hmm... At a guess, I'd say the pipe is an improvised single-shot firearm to make it look like a human or someone with human tech did it.

“So your ‘aunt’s basement’ is ‘The Belfry’?” Picture perfect leveled a steady stare on Orange Pip.

Perfect (capital)

7522021 Cardboard wadding remains or cardboard tube containing gunpowder charge maybe?
Thank goodness Pip Shersqueak is on the case!

7522131 Certinly an interesting theory. :trixieshiftright: I can't help but think Orange Pip would resent being compared to Pipsqueak though, he's a fully grown stallion from Manehatten, afterall, not some runt colt from Trottingham. :trollestia:

7522303 Whoops my mistake ol chap, what ho Pip!
The picture still suits even if the wrong pony.

7509573 Typos are all still there?:rainbowhuh:

7522435 Good lookin out, I must've forgot to hit "save" again. :scootangel:

7522360 Definitely a good Sherlock Pon picture, no argument there. :pinkiecrazy:

Guess some of the humans the Text sent to Equestria must have wanted to bring their gun with them...well, provided a human was actually responsible for this and not some frame job.

Poor Rock Solid...:fluttercry:

Huh, so some of Butterfly's changelings are still roaming around as a refugee. I would assume either Fast or the other Royals gave Butterfly and her hive sanctuary of some form outside of Canterlot so that the citizens of the Decanter District don't come looking for payback.

7522997 Madame Butterfly, A.K.A Whatserface remains safely incarcerated undergoing rehabilitation an psychiatric therapy. Her release is highly doubtful. Rounding up the scattered drones is a much trickier issue, those who have been aprehended have been treated with compassion as the subverted victims of Nopony's madness that they are. But as has been shown through Diane (and Thorax in show cannon) a frightened changeling can hide practically forever. :unsuresweetie:

I wondered for a moment where the murderer was able to get gunpowder but realized that fireworks are in the MLP:FIM cannon.



“Only way to look at it. They’re either ? or they’re a unicorn.”

? = a changeling

Split shift leveled the lunar guard with her best “seriously?” stare.


We didn’t need some rabble rouser parading all our mistakes in front of Celestia’s court. We catch enough flack from sun ponies as it is!”


“Save ? for after we’ve got some sleep and have tomorrow's edition laid out,

? = that

Though she also had to admit? it wasn’t a pony she didn’t want to know…

? = , (comma required, yeah I know I'm being picky.)

“I didn’t lie, I just… I didn’t expect my family to set me out on this kind of work again again this quick.

deja vu?

One chapter in and I love it. How is this not more popular?

7524932 And cannons. :pinkiehappy: Ponies just never previously thought to use them to shoot metal projetiles for killing purposes.

7524949 I WILL fix the typos. Currently involved in moving and only have internet on my break at work, so they may not get fixed today, but they will be fixed! :pinkiecrazy:

7529841 I'll have to reschedule your timetable! :rainbowlaugh:

Id enjoy this sort of thing


Wait, Rock Solid and his kid were humans? Either I missed something in the main story or Rock revealed his to Train Wreck to bring him out of his funk if the 'Unspoken Prince's' return to Canterlot is anything to go by.

7541260 Suffice to say many awkward conversations went down off camera. There were hints though (he named his kid after a Ninja Turtles character after all). :pinkiehappy:

Did Mister Solid not have any family at all beyond his sone?"

Like all humans in equestria, he was brought here by a mysterious entity that always appears as written words.”


“And this is that what you refer to as an ‘errand’?”
“No, this is what my family refers to as an errand.

“And this is what you refer to as an ‘errand’?”
“No, this is what my family refers to as an errand.
Maybe like this with italic emphasis on 'you' & 'my family'?

I'm back baby! Yeah!

SNERK As if you were ever really gone.

7541360 Talking of bars and booze, someone in Ponyville is branching out into viticulture, got this recently through local Woolworths.

7542219 Typos escorted out with the local press. :pinkiecrazy:

7542288 I wants it! Finally a wine I can add to my list of "pony booze". Currently the list includes all hard ciders and Colt 45 (the poniest of malt liquor). :trollestia:


“And this is that what you refer to as an ‘errand’?”

OOPs, forgot to say take out 'that' as well, then my grammar radar will be clear again.
(Modified radar image just for this!)

7542481 Sneaky typo dragged out back and given the old once over!

ever heard of the BElfry


I knew the culprit was some unicorn with a vendetta against Rock Solid thanks to Pip. I had thought that the culprit acquired the 'boom stick' through a human or had analyze a gun or two that was confiscated by the guard but Anonymous' involvement made much more sense, and less convoluted.

p.s:Nice joke there with Anonymous and the ski mask.

Should have been a 'V for Vendetta' Guy Fawkes mask.:rainbowderp:

Anonymous is a name on Fimfiction anyway, and fairly common it seems.:twilightsmile: Anyway enough to go on as to identity for us.:trollestia: Keep forgetting which is editor in chief (the Boss) Type Set or Ink well, They talk like they're partners. Gotta keep reminding myself typesetting ultimate responsibility of editor, inkwells used by writers, why can't I remember, cause I'm terrible with names. :facehoof:

I suppose if anyone asks 'Anonymous' who he works for, he'd say 'For Chan"!

Type set fixed - Type Set fixed

wake attended important - wake tending to important

Type set huffed - Type Set huffed

Eat Decanter - East Decanter

BElfry or the Blind Goat - Belfry or the Blind Goat


Well, shoot (no pun intended) looks like nopony is at it again.

7544313 Typos found and eliminated. :pinkiecrazy:

Lot's of good theories here on what's going on. I notice the general consensus seems to be that the Nopony is behind it, and that Rock Solid was the intended target. We'll just have to see where the evidence leads Mr. Pip. :trollestia:

I’ll submit the rest on week at a time until it’s over. This is your story. I know you dressed it up in my equestria,


Train wreck laughed a little bit

Train Wreck
Since you wrote the chapter out in segments, I'll do the same in the comments so I'm gonna use the dividers as well.

Surprise is dead? Damn, I knew it was coming but not this quick. How far ahead does this take place after Train Wreck received his title? I guess at this point, Carrot Plate is probably already married to him or at least grew close when they comforted each other over Surprise's passing.
So that's why Celestia stopped sending in the Silver Stars series. Busted~
I'm a little confused with Bon Bon's last statement, isn't Silver already a prince at this point?
Now I'm expecting to read about the aftermath of Ink Well's meeting with Scootaloo in a future chapter, if not the actual meeting itself.:rainbowlaugh:


“At least we didn’t do anything TOO embarrassing with the future alicorn prince…”

I think she's referring past tense to what they did, more specifically what Lyra did or nearly did, at the time of the story Lyra transcribed.

I've forget who's foal Moonbeam is, oh was he the adopted one?

Wonder how Surprise passed away, that's sad?

7552981 Typos buried in n unmarked grave.

Boulder called it, Bon Bon is refering to events that happened WAAYYY back in "Clueless in Equestria", before any one ever suspected where Silver's life would take him. Referenced here because shared universe reasons. :pinkiecrazy:

I don't want to give away too much on what exactly happened with Surprise escept to say that it happened in between the end of Train Wreck's story and present time (a matter of months later) in Ponyville. I'm working on a stand-alone story called "The Last Party" that will cover exactly that, but unlike most of my tales it's an enclosed story and won't be published until it's finished. Suffice to say she passed peacefully surrounded by her family and closest friends. :pinkiesad2:

Yes, Moonbeam is the adopted son of Samantha, and the adopted grandson of the rest of the Silver Herd. I imagine he got his copy from Diane, as the Dreadful is definitely not on the Watch families approved reading list for young colts. :scootangel:

As for Ink Well and Scootaloo... well that's gonna be one really awkward conversation. :rainbowderp:


Suffice to say she passed peacefully surrounded by her family and closest friends.

Well at least it wasn't something tragic she was far too good to pass painfully or without loved ones around.:pinkiesad2:

7554318 Yeah, I almost backed out of this and crow-bared in some kind of super-happy-solution. Tazzle ponies can use drained magic to heal right? Maybe Train Wreck could purge the Pink Step plague from her? :applecry: As much as I hated to let that happen to Surprise though, I felt a cop out would have cheapened her story in the end, and I love her to much to do that. :pinkiesad2: She bent time and space repeatedly to try to make things right. Sometimes she succeeded, sometimes (as in One Step, Pink Step), she failed catastrophically. In the end there was so much even a Pinkie Pie could take. She always moved forward knowing there was going to be a price to pay. Negating that price with some cheap trick wouldn't have done her justice. It wasn't an easy decision. :fluttercry:

how pony’s have - how ponies have
pushed passed the mare - pushed past the mare
earth ponies voice - earth pony's voice
Picture perfects flank - Picture Perfect's flank
To bad I can’t - Too bad I can’t
hanging pods some empty others revealing equine shadows hinting - hanging pods, some empty others revealing equine shadows that hinted
thin robe - thin rope
victims fetlocks - victim's fetlocks
horn blocker both of which - horn blocker, both of which
fire-arm - firearm
Still following along with each chapter as you publish them. Even if I'm quiet and can't proofread every chapter anymore. :twilightsmile:

You really do dialogue well. Each character speaks with their own voice and that can be hard to get right.

The earth ponies voice


dissolved into flashed of changeling magic


tight enough to score the chitin


Huh, so some of the remnants of Butterfly's hive set themselves up in a brothel with its former occupants serving as sustenance. As for what Night Shift...is she part spider, like a black widow if her choice of environment is anything to go by?

So this Anonymous isn't Nopony? Not sure if it's true or it's just a red herring to lead us on.:unsuresweetie:

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