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It started with an old man who just wanted a fresh start. He knew what kinda deal he was making. Gloomy Sonnet was just another sad unicorn. Charlie was just her rag doll. And then magic came back... they were NOT ready...

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And lo a story begins. A few typos spotted(and reported on ye Discord). But what dynamic will they have is the real question. Besides filly and unspeaking doll.

I liked the proloque, we didn't really get to know main character and his backstory tho, but besides that it's good concept and good story so far

Don't worry, we'll get to know the pair more as the story goes. :pinkiecrazy:

Wait, this one's name was Gloomy Sonnet?


I just realized this is probably the first gen 5 HiE story about human in equestria who ALSO turn himself into something (in this case a doll) of course im not counting the shrecksual ones because yesn't

You can't hide from the Silver Monster.

He pulled a Hitch and just ran down the list of forbidden words.

Well, that was an interesting chapter.

Me gustó mucho el capítulo espero con ansias los siguientes capítulos 😁👍

“Don’t mind Frank,” Thorax chatters happily, “This is gonna be great! We don’t get many visitors down here, and you’re gonna get to meet the Under Queen! She’s super nice!”

Did you mean 'Steve' instead of Thorax?

i am really enjoying this story a lot.

Could be worse Steve and Frank. You could find out you have a demonic book half brother called Fred.:trixieshiftright:

They defs gonna have little sitster named Ocilia,,, :pinkiecrazy:

if you get weird with our sister I will personally rip out your fluff and replace it with used, broken potion flasks!”

ok that is a tiny bit harsh.
this story is just so funny i love it.

Frank is rightfully like, "Your relationship with Gloomy is super sus, bro! I have a sister and two eyes, and they are both watching you."

I need my Gloomy aww so sweet.

Poor Ragdoll got a real bad case of the Morlocks.:twilightoops:

Being imortal is one thing, feeling pain and not being able to do anything about it?


immortality has a huge cost that most never think of.
here is a story for you to read i am hopping you will like.
the pain of eternity.

Ragdoll looks at the list of possibilities, then weights the dice.

But he cant roll them?:trixieshiftright:

:twilightoops:Theres a Big difference between opening any Lock, and being able to open, or Unlock Everything.

Huh so Charlie is Smarty Pants in the far far future? Interesting!

Well there's your Hangover reference for the trope bingo card.

Yep gonna just directly connect the dots between G4 and G5 Silververse...

Yep this sure ties a hole bunch of story's together.

amazing chapter.

C:/ You say that like it’s true, or even relevant. Will she look for you or won’t she? You two pulled a nice trick on me, for rea,l I didn’t even see that coming. But I told you from the start, you asked for this.

me, for real, I didn't

Something is clearing out the nests? Maybe a small dragon?:trixieshiftright:

Waves back at Pinkie in return.

Beware the claims that English is Turing complete, as that implies a free running text processor could end up self aware with a large enough self referential corpus? :pinkiegasp:

so much fun times. a grate chapter.

Oh great, Not only Windigoes and Hate Goblins, but that which if 40K knew about it wouldnt even bother with Exterminatus. :twilightoops:

Actually from the perspective of the Imperium of Man... Nopony was doing their job for them... had to look that up... :pinkiecrazy:


I mean given how dangerous that style of chos changeling is to the Imperium, they wouldnt bother with Exterminatus clearing the surface of the planet of all life, theyd have to totally obliterate the region, which the Adeptus Mechanicus get to do only very rarely?:rainbowderp:

Shade is good when the trainee sun mover has trouble with setting the thermostat? :twilightoops:

Be careful what you squeeze and where, for the darkest arts of L-versecan do whatever you want.

If you know Exactly what you want and How to get it.

On this scale, the High Fae of the Unseiliegh Courts have an, understanding? :trollestia:

"Gods, this is just like that time I got Rick Rolled with the audio-book version of the Necronomicon... okay not just just like... but pretty close..." Rag doll stumbled across the bar.

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagnever gonna give you up...

R:\ Daine, what did you do?

Should be

Oddly enough the ritual still worked... :pinkiecrazy:

Someones been asking for Banash Partisseries?:pinkiecrazy:

Oh dear, these guys are playing further in the waves than I can currently follow. Theres hints washing by, but the details? Im going to have to wait. :twilightoops:

If only their epic musical battle had not been interupted by magic glitchng. :pinkiecrazy:

I have a bad enough time with normal chess. I dont have a chance with this 4D chess. :pinkiegasp:

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