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Things you should know about ME:


well... · 10:14am Dec 26th, 2016

merry Christmas, everyone!

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ignore everything on this comment. its all outdated. pleez.

The following are the facts, opinions, and crap about me. Enjoy or be offended, your move.
I like: MLP, fallout equestria, dbz and db super, good books, good movies, memes, videogames, thot slayers, kermit the frog, and the Alliance. Oh, and antidisestablishmentarianism, mountains, outdoors, Zions national Park
I LOATHE: Feminists, Vegans, clopfics, thots, hoes, jerks, junior high school kids(so annoying), twelve year olds, millennials that think they are victimized by everything and everyone, and did I mention thots?
I am: ginger, lanky, tall, STRAIGHT, and an ok person to talk to. I try to make people feel loved, unless they are any of the above. I have been caught in the crossfire of a meme war and thus given ptsd at a young age, and I have broken several bones, but the only time I have been to the hospital was when I was born and head gondes. johndez? idunno. yup im weird but heck, this is a site for bronies to write fanfictions. I feel safe sharing this w/ yall.

Well thank you, good pal.

I admire your image. You somewhat remind me of one of my own.

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