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“Life always had a way to make it worse, Just live with it.” - TopHat Demon

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Ok.... I know it was a joke, I do the same thing. I exaggerated when I cut your hand off and you did the same thing. :rainbowlaugh:
But differently, you reacted so it made me chuckle a bit.

AAAAAA MY FREAKING HAND YOU TARRD!!! HOW WILL I WIPE MY BUTT!!!! I hope that was a joke. if not, thats ok, ill leave you alone. Im SORRY

Thanks, let me grab my chainsaw to cut that hand and keep it in the invites bucket.

Welcome, fellow brony. you said in your last storie that you needed friends. As this is a site for literal FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC, I offer you the hand of my fwendsip.

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