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Any stories involving the infamous "Mother Mare" a.k.a. "Tau Sunflare", "Fausticorn", "Queen Faust".
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Hi everyone. Can somebody please help me:
I'm looking for a short story, where Faust is Celestia's daughter, and Equestria, their whole world was dying and Celestia and the Mane Six (I think they were there too) was saving Faust by sending her on Earth, turning into a human and asking her to always remember who she is and the world she came from, after what, years later, she (Faust) is shown as a creator of cartoon MLP: FiM.

311282 as for the most wonder of nights thing, i also know the lyrics to that as well. i mean, i pretty much listlen to that song every night and i can't stop listlening to it. as for all levels at once, i love changling as well, but i also love pny should pony pony. i also like his cover on winter wrap up and i want you gone. as for pinkieswera, or maybe i'm getting the name messed up, but i don't really listlen to him. i do love alex .s and woodentoaster. they are pretty good in my opinion.

311274well good sir rainbow factory is pretty awesome heard it numerous times and know it by heart as well

I like the sequel to that song as well with h8 seed in it as well xP and that aftermath song I have it downloaded on this phone along with many others and I LOVE oh most wonderfull of nights

The beat to it so Damn addicting xD as for all levels at once I listen to a ton of his songs from changling to fluttershys lement

Pinkiepieswear I lover absolutely every song his way to voice glitch is an eargasm xD
Silva hound living tombstone alex s and so many more musicians I love xP

311244 i alsways litlen to brony music. i mean, i even put down on my biograpghy section on my user page what was may favorite fanfmade song. its Rainbow Factory. i can not get enough of that song. i mean, i know all the lyrics by heart to that song. i can even sing that song in under a minute. i'm just a hugh fan of that song. as for the fanfic, it was pretty good, but not the best. as for others, i know theres all levels at once on youtube. he mostly does covers of the MLP songs in the show, but he has made other MLP songs. he also does is own music i believe, at least i think so. i don't know if he does or not. oh well, hes pretty good though. i know theres one song that really love and that say goodbye, or or at least thats what it says on the itunes podcast that i litlen to. the song called on youtube is called, 'on most wonderful of nights' by aftermath i belelieve. i don't know, but it is a great song in my opinion. i really do like it. it has Luna in it and its sort of like a remix of her lines from the show. its pretty good. the only other one is For Dashie. that song made me cry as much as the fanfic did of MLD. i've been mostly listlen to Daft Punk lately, even though it ain't MLP related its still good to listlen to sometimes.

311229:moustache: so true. What about the brony fandoms music? Listen to any good tracks?

311194 yea, its too fucking awesome. that and the brony thing and all, but really, who the fuck cares. i mean, if we are looking for some MLP, we would type it in the search bar, because we just want MLP right away, i guess thats how you would put it? don't know. as for anime, yea, that makes sense too, but it kind of goes off on its on genere because theres a hugh fanfom for it. for me, i'm not so much of an anime person. i mean, i don't watch it, but i do enjoy the artwork most of the time, because the art work can be fucking cool, to beatuiful, to badass.

311185 (shrugs) eh MLP is too awesome to just label as a cartoon anyway xD kinda like anime xD

311175 yea. i don't know it does that or why MLP isn't in the cartoon catagory. i really don't know why.

311171 ya I noticed when I search for wallpapers that sometimes you have to manually type MLP to even get anything xD

311133 you're welcome. also, just in case if you don't know yet, but you porberly know by now, but just in case, if you want the MLP wallpapers, fo to the shearch bar and type in 'My Little Pony.' it took me a while to figure that one out for some reason. i mean, i looked at the cartoon catagory and they didn't have it, but apparently, you just have to put it in the sharch bar and you'll have the badass wallpapers my friend.

311102:derpytongue2:ooooh ill try that thanks :twilightsheepish:

311100no, its wallpaper they have a bunch of fucking wallpapers from movies to funny wallpapers to holiday seasons. its cool actully, if you never heard of it. if not, then type it in googel and you're in wallpaper heaven my friend.

311074 hm i think i know what one your talking about o.0 do you get your pics from my little wallpapers?

311071 yea, he really didn't respond back to that offer, but next time i comment to him, i'll give him the link to it anyways, so he'll have a better picture of it, like mines on my user page. and also give him the varity of the other cool MLP pictures as well. i even know a good fluttershy one that has fluttershy holding a gun in that looks like the vietnam war.

311063 By all means help him ^^ he would appreciate it im sure :pinkiesmile:

311020 i actully know a beeter website that has a clear picture of it and i can give him a link to it if he wants to. in fact, i can show him a link to the same website that has a shitload of MLP pics that are wallpapers. i mean, i have my pic as my wallpaper for the computer.

310986its cool ^^v if i remember right he said he found it off of google images but was really small so he couldnt actually increase the size without it looking pixalated, ya no problem! :D :moustache:

310977 i checked him out and i watched him and all, so he has another watcher now, so thats good. i also commented on his user page, and i am now awaiting for his reply, so whenever he gets around to it. i also saw his avatar thing, and i can see why you mistaked me for him. i even got confused and thought it was me for a while. i mean, we're only human, not ponies. although, i don't know what would change if we were ponies. also, i saw his avatar and it looks pixialated. i can offer him to help him get a better one, just like mine, so it isn't pixalated, unless he got it from the same place i got it from, but i doubt it. so, yea, i can help him with his avatar and shit. also, thanks for letting me know.

310971scroll down the blog to the comments i've checked his sign up date and noticed hes been on here only 1 month longer then you :rainbowderp: hes pretty cool to talk to xD:twilightsheepish:

310960 thats ok. but someone has the same avatar? who? i mean, i never saw anyone else with this, even though i know that the chances were that someone on here had it, but really, who has mine?

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