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Welcome to the first ever group (as far as i've looked on FIMfiction) dedicated to Celestia and Luna's parents!

1. Only place stories about/related/include the parents of the the royal sisters

2. Place stories in their appropriate folders

3. Respect each other in the comments (Love and tolerate!!)

4. All content posted in this group's forums must be related to this group's namesake and mlp related content

Looking for new picture for the banner - PM me with any suggestions

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Hi everyone. Can somebody please help me:
I'm looking for a short story, where Faust is Celestia's daughter, and Equestria, their whole world was dying and Celestia and the Mane Six (I think they were there too) was saving Faust by sending her on Earth, turning into a human and asking her to always remember who she is and the world she came from, after what, years later, she (Faust) is shown as a creator of cartoon MLP: FiM.

Here is a picture for the banner that might work, and the link You can see how it looks on a banner if you go to this group, Extra Group.

To anyone who see's this; please spread the word about this group so we can get more people joining who will in turn put more stories that involve The royal sister's parents as well as encourage more stories about them to be created!


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