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A group for stories which have Celestia and Luna as fillies.

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And the group was never touched again xD

Members of the Fillies Celestia and Luna Group,
If you, or someone you know, has written a story involving or about the beginnings of the Equestrian world please consider joining and adding the story to the new group The Beginnings of Equestria. Or, if you simply want to join a soon-to-be-great group click on the link and join!

Also, consider joining the group, Species of Equestria. It is a group designed for organizing all the fabulous stories with different species into smaller groups with other stories of their kind. Click the link and join!


Yes, absolutely. It wouldn't belong anywhere else, since a flashback is quite literally (well, okay, the same kind of memory crystal used in Crystal Kingdom) the way they're shown as fillies in my story.

314093 Is it good enough that I added it in Flashbacks folder, though?

Well, if La Vallett1 decided to add my story here, then I suppose the least I can do is join.:twilightsheepish:

Don't expect to see them as fillies for awhile yet; it's a planned backstory element for the future, but not part of the premise.

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