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La Vallett1

A pony fanfiction reader from Malta. Sometimes write when inspired. Once a Scout, always a Scout. Most important of all, Twilight is best pony.


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You're often found diving into a book or spending hours working on that project of yours. It's important that you put in as much of an effort learning as possible so your knowledge will someday come in handy. Because of this, you may sometimes be skeptical of things that you don't have any proof of.

While you tend to be booksmart as opposed to streetsmart, you also tend to be a tad socially awkward, not always sure how well you fit in with your friends or maybe not even having a lot of them in the first place, but you're still a solid friend when it comes down to it and would be there to help any of them with their problems.
Even though you may be talented, you're the total opposite of a showoff, shying away from bragging or even talking about your talents. You don't want the world to think you're a braggart, after all. You're quite humble and modest, but you're also looking for acceptance and praise for your talents.

Pony Preferences.

Best Pony: Twilight

Best Princess: Celestia

Best CMC: Scootaloo

Best Friendship Student: Ocellus

Best OC: Nyx from Past Sins

Best Celestia: Mumlestia

Best Shipping: Anything with Twilight really. As long as it's not a badly made OC, a giant book/scroll, bestiality, or foalcon.


Top 10 Best Ponies (updated 25th January 2018):

1. Twilight
2. Celestia
3. Sunset Shimmer
4. Luna
5. Fluttershy
6. Cadence
7. Scootaloo
8. Shining Armour
9. Sweetie Belle
10. Apple Bloom


Top 10 Best OCs:

1. Nyx from Past Sins
2. Chestnut from Of Lilies and Chestnuts
3. Ruby Dream from My Little Alicorn
4. Cotton Cake from The Stranger and Her Friend
5. Dr. Psych from What Princesses Need
6. Vigg and Saga (tie) from Under the Northern Lights
7. Nurse Bandaid from The Return of Princess Nightmare Moon
8. Aegis Shield from Luna's Story Trilogy
9. Mirror from Smoke and Mirrors
10. Stalwart Hide from Luna's Story Trilogy


Top 10 Best Pony Stories (updated 27th February 2017):

1. Past Sins
2. Paradise
3. My Little Alicorn
4. Climbing the Mountain
5.Myths and Birthrights
6.Mirror's Image
7. Scootamom
8. Under the Northern Lights
9. Night's Favoured Child
10. Duties


Iron Maiden Live at Canterlot (Short HiE Story). · 7:33pm Nov 22nd, 2020

It was a beautiful starry night over Canterlot. Princess Luna raised the moon a few hours ago and many creatures that live in Equestria's capital city went to their homes to have a good night's sleep. But out a bit further away from the city centre was a very large venue with thousands of creatures from around the world concentrated in the area happily chatting and excited for the show to start in a moment. Then the lights faded and the crowd started to cheer. A voice from a very old recording

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I wanna give people a calm place where there's no drama. 😇

If you don't mind me asking, why did you invite me to your group?

Right now the weather is a little wonky until it warms up a little before it gets very hot. People are quite friendly and will help you if you need a little assistance, though many of us will not like it when a foreigner causes trouble. Traffic is still a big problem during rush hours (6 to 9.30 in the morning, 3 to 6.30 in the evening).

A little warning, from late spring to early autumn the sun rays will be so strong that your skin will burn or risk having melanoma if unprotected during peak days. Also it may seem strange, but despite never reaching 0 degrees Celsius in winter the high humidity in the air will still make you feel cold to the bones. So you should also wear jackets in winter, though not ones worn in snow.

While there, you should visit a number of historical sites like the Megalithic Temples, St. John's Co-Cathedral and Mdina among many others. Also, and this will be my advise to many visitors, avoid Paceville. It causes certain trouble towards people due to partying and overdrinking.

I hope I have answered your question.

Weird question, but what's it like in Malta? I've never been, but always wanted to go.

I can't make any promises that I'll be less prolific. Although at the moment, I haven't got any new stories to post.

I once followed you years ago, but stopped for a long while because you were too prolific for me to follow. I decided to follow you again.

Thanks for the follow!

2339762 They are, but it has been very long since I updated them so they might be outdated. Still, if you'd like to use them, go ahead.

Is your head canon and OCs accessible with permission?

2253093 No thanks. But good luck, anyway.:pinkiesmile:

Are you interested in doing a collaboration story with me? It has kilala97 characters?

1917847 Interesting enough to add to the modification of my own userpage. (I'm trying to find lots of different user pages to design my own.)

1917811 How interesting?

Your page is interesting. I like it^^

1880986 What can I say? I enjoyed your story's first chapter. Good luck in continuing it.:twilightsmile:

Thank you for the fav. :twilightsmile:

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