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Harry potter crossovers no more, no less, but it can crossover with something else but it has to have harry potter and MLP first and formost, tho when Fimfiction updates to spread to all fandoms only Harry potter will be needed in the crossover, but they have to be readable tho.

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New Harry Potter storry where the Crusaders go to Hogwarts but get sorted into different houses and Harry Potter is Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher


His name is Buckbeak. Hippogriffs are similar to griffons but where griffons have an eagle front (beak, wings, feathered, claws) and a lion back (fur, lion's tail and paws), hippogriffs have the eagle front and a horse back. ( rump, horse legs with hooves, and a horse tail)
I am sure there are many hippogriffs in the HP universe and it would be delightful seeing him have a mate. ;) I hope this clears things up a bit.

BTW to anyone who want to know. I'm organizing the group reading though the unsorted folder and adding new folders. and I would like to say ANYONE can put fics in the unsorted folder and please do If you find a fic that isn't here and you like it put it unsorted for processing. also please give new ideas they are always welcome

I'm making a new Harry Potter Crossover. Here's a preview.

copy and paste the url :twilightsmile:

I felt that this tumblr post was somewhat fitting... also I've been waiting to use it for ages

That is the only reason I joined

Ron weasley is a brony

Go to meme base all the facts are there

It's titled

Ron weasley is brony

354701 sounds as if they made it out from his two halves?
back pony and front bird, then?

354701 oh, that's his name in English?

did they ever mention a female of his kind?
he kind of looks loneal if there is just him?

I'm planning a mate for him.
kinda found it reasonable.

pondering how the shippers would take this news?


and Buckbeck

are all HP crosses ok by this group?

and what is the name of the Hipogriff?

340835 What about Trixie as Malfoy?

Some pony explain the discription for dis group?

You've ALL got it wrong.
Harry: Twilight Sparkle :twilightsheepish:
Ron: Applejack :ajsmug:
Hermione: Rarity :raritywink:
Dumbledore: Celestia:trollestia:
Snape: Luna
McGonagall: Cadence
Hagrid: Pinkie Pie :pinkiegasp: (It works on SO many levels) :pinkiehappy:
Voldemort: Chrysalis
Draco: Rainbow Dash :rainbowdetermined2:
Luna: Fluttershy :yay:
Neville: Scootaloo ( the flying thing) :scootangel:
Seamus: Derpy :derpyderp1:
Ginny: Applebloom (Twilightbloom, it's a new thing):ajsleepy:


But don't you think that Derpy should be Luna(HP one)?
Luna's like...a little strange..I think Derpy fits her better.

I don't know who for Nevville though.

thanks to who ever made the banner


Okay, here we go!

Harry: Rainbow Dash

Ron: Applejack

Hermione: Twilight

Neville: Derpy ('Cuz she's all clumsy... Don't look at me like that. I meant it in a good way.)

Hagrid: Fluttershy

Voldemort: King Sombra

Snape: Pinkamena Diane Pie (Yes, it is Pinkie Pie, but with her hair all straight and stuff..)

Professor Quirrel: Rarity

McGonagall: Luna

Dumbledore: Celestia

Professor Flitwick: Big Mac

Hope it helped! :pinkiehappy:

voldemort= nightmare
mcgonnagl= luna
malphoy= trixie
snape=reformed discord
neville=who ever the nerdy shop owner in acertive fluttershy was

You know, I don't think I've ever seen one where Harry wakes up in Equestria as an alicorn foal, despite how cliche it sounds.

I've seen one with a similar premise (Foal Necromancer), but I honestly doubt the ability of most authors to not write a Gary Stu Alicorn!Potter -- him curb stomping evils and getting the girls (typically in a God-awful harem or herd), etc, instead of him facing legitimate challenges and antagonists, etc.

I'm going to start doing a Harry Potter 1 reenactment!
Here's the cover:

Ineed help on who should be Malfoy, Neville, Snape, Quirrel, McGonagall, and Voldemort. and more. :pinkiehappy:

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