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The Wizardring World is in a bad way since Voldemort, so they turn to magical beings for help. The Cutie Mark Crusaders are excited to be part of the first class of magical beings accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but something goes terribly wrong when the sorting hat sorts them into different houses!

Can their friendship survive being separated like this?

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Please check him out, he writes much better stories then me.

Inspired by:

Sweetie Belle and the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

If Wishes were Ponies . . . .

Magic School Days

Albus Potter And the Year of The Badger by Bartimus Crotchety

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Huge, huge recommendation write a resume because while it might be good no one would really know what the story is about so until a resume is added I will not read it.

It has a "short description", though not a very good one. Fun fact, the long description is mandatory and per the site's rule must describe the story... so not this. This is useless.

Yeah, this isn't just a reader repelling eye-sore but a violation of Da Rules.

Not sure if this is what you meant but I added the short Description to the long description so people know what it is

Wow, this really good! I really like how you described how ponies would change wizard society! It's also cool how you put science into the mix! Keep up the good work!

Very good thank you very much, and realize that this was not for me but for you in the long run, sorry if it sounded otherwise.

Excellent start, looking forward to more.

There's a tag for Harry Potter now. You'd do well to use it.

Rainbow dash is an absolute dick! Why didn't Twilight stop her at the quidditch store!

PS: Love what you did with Scootaloos character arc! Keep up the good work!

Good chapter but you have tendency to put 'well' instead of 'while'.

Sorry, It's just how I talk. I don't mean for it to come out in my writing but sometimes, a lot of the time, it does.

I hope it's not to distracting and I'll keep an eye out for it

Crusaders fight that house system! :yay:

Dash is acting like a typical mother of a disabled child.

As one such child I can tell you there is nothing more terrifying then our mom's, even the good ones who refuse to let us use our disability as an excuse for poor behavior, they will still tear people apart who so much give their kid a funny look. At least that's my experience.

Dash might not have adopted Scoot in this fic but she does have those same, overprotective, instincts

I can't wait for the next chapter. Discord would be so proud of Rose.

The blue mare looked at the price tag and gaped, "I can't afford that!?" It was 5000 Galleons! That's over 10000 Bits! It cost a bucking years pay!

"Take it on the house," Jasper almost begged, "Call it a peace offering for the... earlier misunderstanding,"

The blue mare glared at him before snatching the broom, "It's the least you can do," she glared.

A big turnaround from being shocked to righteous anger, there, huh?

The sentient dragon child fidgeted a little, "Can I get a polishing kit?" he asked as he put a few sickles on the counter.

The princess sighed, "I just bought you one last month! How much polish does a wand need!?"

So, is Spike obsessively polishing his wand, or is he using the polish for something else like scales?
... Could excessive care for your possessions be a dragon greed thing?


RD is supposed to be shocked and angry that the Shopkeeper showed Scootaloo a broom she has no logical way of paying for (in addition to everything else). Sorry I didn't convey that properly.

As for the polish.

Spike is polishing his wand daily, like he is supposed to. The polish kit isn't meant to last more then a month.

I don't remember where I learned this stuff but I'm pretty sure JK Rowling said that is part of how wizards are supposed to take care of their wands. Ron and Harry were just lazy wand owners. Harry was scared of his wand and Ron's was a hand me down, so they didn't have that connection most wizards had with it. Hermione did though.

Twilight just doesn't get that is proper wand maintenance, because it does seem a bit obsessive but then she doesn't have a wand that would allow her to understand.

I really like this story, definitely deserves more views.

It's still pretty new. Hopefully more people discover it as it goes on. Still I'm glad so many people seem to it already.

Scorpius has a long road ahead of him.

Indeed he does and I'm sure Scootaloo will do everything she can to make things easier on him. That's just how she is with her friends.

Everyone in the world Facepalms

Poor Spike. Getting no respect, is a race that he doesn't look like at all, can't reach the knocker. Also i wouldn't know the number of teeth off the top of my head. I wonder what his relationship with Dinky is. He obviously knows something personal about her, given he's aware she reads minds, but I also don't know if they knew each other very well.

Don't take that a critical because I'm rather excited by the prospect of those being things that have to develop.

And discussions about slavery, delivered to Apple Bloom, thrust into a complicated situation she knows nothing about.

> not since Starswirl had his falling out with Merlin and the Hogwarts' Founders

Merlin died something like 800 years before the founding of Hogwarts.

Also, it's kind of weird for normal ponies to live 500 years. Then NMM would have been, like, proportionally as long ago as the US Civil War, not ancient history.

> she was a progeny

Prodigy. She is Twilight Velvet and Night Light's progeny, of course.

According to the Harry Potter Wiki, Merlin was born in the mid 900s and went to Hogwarts where he was sorted into Slytherin. He actually studied directly under Salazar and was around during the falling out.

Thank you so much for the review. I love hearing different interpretations of Harry Potter. J.K. Rolling has given so much supplementary material and it can sometimes contradict each other so is fun to debate it with fans


Their only cite on that is this overly graphic-designed page that screams 'tertiary canon at best'. The idea of King Arthur's reign literally including the time of the Battle of Hastings is absurd. This is waaaay after the history of Britain has become well-recorded and there is no room for him. Unless King Arthur is a wizard king ruling over like 1k people.

And the same page notes,

> In fact, the entire placement of Merlin at Hogwarts is paradoxical. Hogwarts was founded in the 9th/10th century, and while the early 9th century was the time the first records of the Arthur-myth were written, the actual myth plays around the year 500 A.D., meaning that the 'historical' Merlin in fact predates Hogwarts by roughly five-hundred years.

The thing about that is that King Arthur is a myth, not history, as you were saying. I am following J K Rowling's interpretation of the myth. Not the original story. As for it being too unbelievable multiple historical events would happen around the same time. How many wars has America been in for the past 10 years? History isn't a neat little bow. Multiple things happen at once all the time. Heck, multiple misfortunate events happening all at once is what took down ancient Rome.

It's difficult to grow anything outside magical planets but none of those are safe to eat...

Well, no. Never eat anything bigger than your own head.

Its definitely original as far as i have read. its hard to read for me.

that had to be Hermione

Nope, Time Travel spells exist in both the Harry Potter and MLP universe. This is kinda foreshadowing who Lady Necro is. Is a Mystery

1. There must be a reason why Celestia would give two bits about the wandlore. 1/3 of population has a wand on top of their heads, Expeliarmus would never work. The other 3rd uses sky magic and the last 3rd uses Earth magic.

2. You know what, maybe Celestia really needs to retire. Maybe, some other alicorn would figure out that Equestria really needs an army.

3. Extremist isolationism from muggles had always existed I guess. And speaking of which, I would assume those muggles were forced to live in the magic cities against their will because nobody in their right mind would abandon the lives they know just because ponies told them to.

Oh, of course salt is alcoholic to ponies. :moustache: The way the kid reacted it was like she's offered an aphrodisiac.

Well, Dinky's father is a timeless child now. Classical rules of regeneration does not apply to him anymore.

Technically Scootaloo supposed to wear a skirt, since she is a female. And then the skirt is easier to readjust for a tail equipped species.

"There are no laws for any crimes committed beyond recorded Time." Lady Necro reminded.

I am pretty sure Twilight and Doctor Whooves would have something to say about that that.

Is Lady Necro supposed to be Sunset? In both of your Harry Potter stories you are broadcasting exactly the same multiverse, and character motivations.

It didn't take long for the merchant to put the pieces together... he had inadvertently been mocking a disabled child... Bloody hell...

Okay, so I love Magical School Days although there are a few flaws. If Wishes were Ponies didn't intrigue me and neither did one or 2 other HP fics. Hoping this one can be different, I think I mostly just like the CMC going to Hogwarts, so fingers crossed! The prologue was a little snooze fest and I won't lie I just skimmed most of it, it reminded me of an instruction manual, you should read it but not highly interesting, still this chapter instantly has me hoping I'll like this one!

I'm also guessing English is not your native tongue, you consistently use the word well instead of while.

Hmm, despite some of the grammer being off this is really intriguing me so far.

I mean should I really say it? I really find it retarded that the humans restrict salt from ponies until they turn 17. You know it's just sodium and potassium right? And ponies need that to stay healthy.

I can't explain why, but this prologue is a boring read to me. It isn't even 4000 words, but it felt like reading it dragged on longer than some chapters I've read with 5 digit word counts. I wasn't able to lose myself in this like I can some others. It's actually the same problem I have with Rowling's own writing, and yet this is only the second of the more than ten Harry Potter fanfictions I've tried to read, whether crossover or otherwise, that I've had this same problem with, and with the first one it didn't immediately set in.

This chapter is a big info dump.
I know this Prologue is a big bore, but ask you reserve judgment until reading the next chapter.
I have a bad habit of writing info dumps for my first chapters.

It's a running joke, as well as a popular headcanon, based on a joke from the episode in "Over a Barrel"

Surprisingly entertaining and fun to read;
after the initial shock let go, so one can see what this story actually tries to say ..

Doctor Whooves is not the ponified version of Doctor Who. Rather he is an AU version of him. Doctor Whooves was born in the pony universe as an alien Time Pony, and lived a pony version of the Doctor's life.

Thanks for explaining it ..

"That console is LEGENDARY in the human world. It still outsold the newest console by a million units just last year! and that's with the 360 being out of production for years! Graphics and stuff might have gotten much better on the new consoles but the 360 still has the best games in the last 10 years! The only games that come close to rivaling them are on the Switch..."

<PS2 fanboyism intensifies>

Yeah, that crutch bit got to me. I mean, I'm not disabled, but I do wear orthotic inserts. I had a coworker who found out, and dismissed them as "just a crutch". I'm like, you know crutch is a thing that some people need, right? That they're not weak or lesser for needing a crutch?

To this day, I wish that I'd said it out loud.

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