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So, I search "Harry Potter" in the Find Group search bar thingy, and I realize there's NO HP fan groups anywhere on this site.

Well, that just won't do at all!


1. Follow the site rules.
2. Don't be a flank-face.
3. Have fun.
4. Stories go into ONE folder. ONE.


Firsties: New members.
Prefects: Contributors, may or may not be prats.
Faculty: Administrators. (Admins.)


The Sorting
The Three Broomsticks
How We Roll

Banner art is not mine. Various other rules and links will be added as I see fit.

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Hello, New member! How do I get started?

Hello! Member no. 98 here!

Not everyone you know what that means, and by having Harry Potter in the name makes it easier to search for

Wouldn't "Potterhead Bronies" be a better title? :applejackunsure:

Yay! 5th person! what's my prize?!

Aw yeah! This is gonna be sweet! :rainbowkiss:

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