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A theory about the mysterious Merchant. · 3:45pm Nov 26th, 2022

I was just hit by a thought. Disney revealed that the merchant seen at the beginning of the animated "Aladdin" was Genie in disguise. So if a Genie, an elemental spirit with phenomenal cosmic powers doomed to live in an Itty bitty living space can disguise themselves as a humble merchant, what's preventing a spirit of chaostrapped in stone from manifesting in another reality and bringing random bronies to Equestria sometimes to help other times to stir things up. Whatever the wayward Q or

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What is the title of the first Fallout: Equestria story?

And no stories w/ Equestria Girls (except Sunset Shimmer.

Thanks for the Fave on Daring Do and Spike: and the Ancient Dragon Goddess

What sequel are you talking about?:twilightsheepish:

Thanks for putting Family Begins With You in your folder! Leave some feedback if you want!

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