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Scootaloo's dad · 1:59am June 18th

We finally get to see Scootaloo's mom & dad. Personally I'm disappointed that they made Scoots dad like an aussie outback guide. I personally was hoping one of her parents was a member of the guard. Iwas wondering something. What did you guys think Scootaloo's parents were?

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Curiosity and Caribou Equestria · 12:58am Sep 5th, 2018

I have several questions

  1. how Many towns, and cities are in Equestria?
  2. What is the territory the Castle of Friendship supposed to protect/govern?
  3. How ar are the caribou forcse comprised?
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Story Inquiry II · 3:43pm Apr 30th, 2018

I read a story where Twi was kidnapped by Diamond dogs and somehow ended up being raised by dragons. Could somepony please either the me the title or provide a link to it (ladder prefered)?


Equestria on Earth/Earth on Equestria · 5:44am Mar 9th, 2018

Equestria on Earth/Earth on Equestria. There is a self in my library that has the style.:coolphoto: it's supposed to hold stories in which either a piece of Earth ends up on Equuis, in the territory of Equestria or Equestria ends up on Earth.

I have found three so far to fit the bill but no more.:fluttercry: Are any more that follow that premise. :twilightoops:

If not could you let somebody write some stories of that?:fluttershbad:

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Story inquery · 7:48pm Jan 19th, 2018

I'm trying to find a story I read that deals with the events in the MLP movie and how they would be if Twilight evaced herself and Luna before tempest could petrify Luna.could somepony help?

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Possible stories · 4:56pm Sep 19th, 2017

[color=#] ever since I found this site, I've been rethinking of what I should writebut I kept comming up blank as a blankflank's butt. recently Two ideas sprung into mind.one had an original character end up in equestri to hunt down seven magical treasures to save his world.I have figured out the main character would be Human at the start, beturned into an earth pony when he first arrives on Equestria,

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