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Alex was not expecting a surge to bring Professor McGonagall to his home with his Hogwarts Letter.

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Alexandre Viator had just gotten home when he got a call from his mentor to help to assemble.
What started as a simple favor turned into a an adventure both familiar and different.

Now Alex has to deal with anthro ponies as well as an awkward lavender librarian as they and her friends and assistant go on adventures and learn about friendship ... and more

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Travis lar has traveled to a Bronycon in Baltimore. All he planned to do was have some fun. Little did he know that purchasing a rainbow haired wig would be a catalyst for adventure.

Takes place in the Canterlot Adventures universe: Canterlot Adventures

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This story is a sequel to Harmony Mouse

Ever since Alex had arriveding Australia she has been transformed onto a female marked mouse, met (and pummeled) Discord, Reunited with her old partner Daring Do, and found a magical satchel. Now due to events that have transpired, she is expecting.

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Alexandre Viator has been corresponding with Harry Delrarity in Australia for a while and transferred to his new school in Perth, Australia. However, after being contacted by the MLP Theory Analysts, Alex gets transformed into an anthropomorphic female mouse with a Cutie Mark on her shoulders, just in time to find Applejack and Rarity looking for him at the airport.

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