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Travis lar has traveled to a Bronycon in Baltimore. All he planned to do was have some fun. Little did he know that purchasing a rainbow haired wig would be a catalyst for adventure.

Takes place in the Canterlot Adventures universe: Canterlot Adventures

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This story is a sequel to Harmony Mouse

Ever since Alex had arriveding Australia she has been transformed onto a female marked mouse, met (and pummeled) Discord, Reunited with her old partner Daring Do, and found a magical satchel. Now due to events that have transpired, she is expecting.

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Alexandre Viator has been corresponding with Harry Delrarity in Australia for a while and transferred to his new school in Perth, Australia. However, after being contacted by the MLP Theory Analysts, Alex gets transformed into an anthropomorphic female mouse with a Cutie Mark on her shoulders, just in time to find Applejack and Rarity looking for him at the airport.

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