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For people who love to RP:
1. don't deliberately troll people or be hateful towards their OC's
2. if someone is giving you trouble, talk to them about it first, don't go straight to an admin
3. Any OC is welcome, reguardless of species, either cannon or made up, and hating on people for their race/species will result in an immediate strike
4. people are open to their opinions, saying an opinion is wrong or stupid is NOT allowed
5.NSFW threads must have a warning in them that they are NSFW

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*inset funny catchy line here*

Bored.... and would like a distraction

Comment posted by F4D3 deleted Sep 19th, 2013

Oh don't get me wrong, we acknowledge that, but Mary Sues are one of the only types we can preemptively stop before they become involved, most of the other things that can kill an RP are impossible to predict until you're already in a game with the person in question.

Comment posted by F4D3 deleted Sep 19th, 2013

A Mary Sue in general is not a static term, it can vary in definition, but generally we have it as the the following traits:
- The character is ludicrously powerful to the point that they essentially make combat or danger pointless
- They purposefully draw all attention to themselves and try to define how they think the RP should go rather than the GM
- Often they will pull new abilities straight out of nowhere with no justified explanation
- While not always the case they typically belong to a clan or species which as a whole meets the same requirements as above
- They are typically written in a way that suggests their author has forgotten that they aren't the only ones in the RP (if they ARE then obviously this doesn't apply).

Now obviously that isn't to say a character who draws attention to themselves is always bad nor is it to say powerful characters are bad, but when you put all these traits together AND take them to extremes it creates a character that is just unpleasant to play with because you and your character pretty much become third wheels until the GM steps in.

Comment posted by F4D3 deleted Sep 19th, 2013

Lots of people seem to disagree, and frankly making RP "no fun" is what I would say when I have to RP alongside a blatant Mary Sue so that any semblance of actual RPing goes out the window, there's a reason I stopped replying in Nox's life.

I'm giving you advice here, I'd say this group should've been thought out way more instead of just being made on a whim but it can still be made better, you just need to follow some easy steps:

1) Fix the spelling errors, that's just a bad first impression

2) Edit the rules to include some to prevent Mary Sues

3) Try to make some public games of your own, the creator of the group making games open to the userbase is very helpful.

4) Just generally try for some original ideas.

This group was created essentially out of a desire to make a place that didn't follow OC Roleplay's rules just so your characters could run around unopposed and for a time I didn't mind that, I welcomed another RP group with some fresh concepts to ours, but there's none of that here, this place is impossible for an actual RPer to enter without being forced to Mary Sue their OCs, or play clop and private games I guess but we already get complaints of those being excessive on OC RP.

327630 Have you noticed most of your replies are on the group you are running? You make RP no fun, which is saying a lot, and sorry, I DID THIS WITH A TABLET! Now, please calm down, and stop trashing the group, this is your only warning on this behavior, next will be a strike

Have you taken a look on your forums lately? Ignoring the spelling mistakes on your own front page and the fact this group only exists to let Mary Sues run around, there's no good concepts being tried out here, and any games that have a semblance of actual RPing get no responses.
Adding onto that it's not my help you specifically need, just help in general would be good for this group.

327596 We are succeeding fine without your help, please calm down

Nice comment deleting on your front page guys. You know, if you delete a comment it should be because it was either spam or unfair.
Mine was neither.
So what that shows to me is that not only do you not have a clue what you're doing, you outright refuse to take any advice or critique on how to make this group succeed.

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Comment posted by Darth Quadro deleted Sep 10th, 2013

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I'll join. Why the heck not? :raritywink:

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