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Creative but trouble with focus, Average writing abilities, Love to Rp, Also don't mind editing stories, PM me for any details.


Progress done so far! · 1:39am Oct 7th, 2019

Hey! Progress is going!. 1k+ on Ch10 with it possibly being the longest chapter yet.

This it folks, the last of the prefab before I go off the rails. Enjoy some fresh content from a more experienced mind than this story started with!!

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I Rp!

As the title suggests, I do Roleplay, mostly in text based forms via here on the site( slowed responses), Skype( quick responses) and now Discord(fast response). An alternative is by cellphone messages( quick/ fast response).
If you are interested pm me and we can work on the details.

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Cool. I will get to it in about 5 hours. Heading into work now.

:rainbowlaugh: okay I'll send you a link in a bit

My Too Sweet a Deal fanfic :moustache: I need all the help I can get :rainbowlaugh:

  • Viewing 92 - 96 of 96
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