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I might use a semicolon properly from time to time... That's about the most you can expect from me.


Just your average, run-of-the-mill author looking to sharpen his writing. With little to no previous experience in the brutal world of literature, one man hopes to conquer the endless sea of shipping and bad OC's. He is the unbeatable, infallible, omnipotent-


Anyways, I was going to write an actual bio, but that was a lot more fun so...yeah. On a more serious note, I would like to take a moment to officially encourage any feedback (positive or negative) here and now. I love to hear from readers, and listen to interesting new perspectives.

(I am also now a certified member of the proofreader group, so feel free to PM if you want any help from a professional amateur.)

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Have my babies

Sorry, I went into shock for 11 weeks after reading that.
Now that my period of polite silence has concluded, allow me to offer my continued support, and express my deepest respects to a man of your calibre.

Keep up the keeping up, Bob!

Oh man thanks for the watch!

My nieces are here, so obligatory:

And so the contract is sealed...

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