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Randa Panda

An aspiring writer and queer young adults who analyzes and critiques fictional works works, including those with ponies in it, far more throughly than she probably should

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I am so sorry · 1:34pm Aug 8th, 2015

I returned from my theatre program yesterday evening. Since I've been away from here for so long, I need to find the proper motivation to return to my stories. I am really, really sorry that I'm not such an active writer!

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This is the account of Randa, your humble and rather awkward queer teen and aspiring writer. Hobbies including writing (obviously), singing, acting, critiquing and analyzing fictional works, and finding ways to overthrow the patriarchy and heteronormativity from within.

Stories will be written about ponies, that I can guarantee. Some stories will be written that will be set in the Conversion Bureau universe -

WAIT WAIT WAIT, before I unintentionally start a war, I promise that none of my stories will be a black-and-white, nor will they follow the philosophy of ponies-are-superior or ponies-are-evil, or humans-are-superior or humans-are-evil. My belief is that every creature, adorable ponies included, has its light and dark sides. The goal of my Conversion Bureau stories will simply be to examine various moralities, viewpoints and themes. I encourage readers to take what they will from those stories.

So what about the non Conversion Bureau stories? Well, I'll probably write short pieces about the characters of the show. Or angsty pieces about the characters of show. Or lesbian pieces with characters from the show.

Pearl (from Steven Universe) is my avatar because Pearl is my Patronus. I am a neurotic, queer and thirsty gem.

Anywho, enough babbling - there are ponies to write!