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Randa Panda

An aspiring writer and queer young adults who analyzes and critiques fictional works works, including those with ponies in it, far more throughly than she probably should


(Set in a The Conversion Bureau universe. Neither ponies nor humans are superior. The stories of Randa serve to explore various moralities and viewpoints).

Moondrop has waited for the perfect opportunity to use a dark magic spell she learned about in the Everfree Forest. Tonight, she will test it on the dying dog of a young human girl...

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Comments ( 2 )

After reading this story, as it currently stands it does not connect sufficiently with a Conversion Bureau setting to be in the Conversion Bureau group. For the time being it will be removed until such elements are present, at which point it will qualify for re-addition.

Wow, Moondrop comes off as a textbook sociopath.

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